Who is your Daddy? And What does he do?


Are you my dad?

His name is Jim and hes a retired Home Inspector.

I’m a grown man and therefore don’t refer to anyone as Daddy. To each his own though. Who’s yours?

Jerry, Veteran, Disabled.

Chris Retired

Screw a bunch of Daddy’s .
I’m lookin’ for a few Sugar Mama’s…Ah Huh?

Henry, Veteran, Dead.

Marv. Served in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. Expired.

I’m died a year later after Pearl.

My dad is a drunk and he is dead to me.

Now ! That is a post to respect…Oh ! Yes!
I know where you are coming from Baby Doll.
I’m sure you don’t tollerate to much s*hit from a man. Huh?
You have been there and done that …

My wife don’t ! Nope!