Who knew? Playing with pictures

This is just a gee-whiz observation but thought it was interesting…

Probably like with most software programs, I open a report and insert my picture file for the inspection. On the right side of the screen I have a 3 picture wide film strip to select pictures from to drop into my comments (an edit picture window opens to add comments, arrows, etc). I run 2 monitors and I usually open the original picture file on the other monitor with the thumbnails set to XL (easy on the eyes) just for reference. Anyway, just playing around, I opened a report but did not add the picture file to the report. I simply dragged a picture from the 2nd monitor and dropped it into my report comment on the other monitor. The edit picture window immediately opened up just like I had already loaded all the pictures in the software. Who knew? Don’t think I saw that in any tutorial :wink:

I found that trick by accident a few weeks ago, pretty cool; and I’m still using HG4.

Drag and drop has been available for 10+ years. I’ve been using it in Word since at least 1994. It’s an extremely useful function, and one of the first I always look for when new software comes along from anyone.

Yep, this was just an observation within the report software.

(Hey Russel! Hope you are doing well.)

Thanks Robert! I work the same way with two monitors, this will be very cool.