Who knows?

My Dad, rest his soul, built our frame house back in 1960 so tight that moisture was blistering the paint off faster than you can scrap, sand, reprime and paint. From the time I was a teenager to my late 20s, I had the honor of performing this task about every two years. Eventually, I ran across a product, basically a plastic tube with a screen to keep wasps and bees out, that was designed to let tight exterior walls ‘breathe’. I installed them, gave the place a good paint job, and the problem was solved.

My questions now are, 1)does anybody know what those doo-dads are called? I fergot.

  1. It seems to me that those doo-dads can be just as effective installed in brick veneer that has no weep holes. Agree or disagree?

Awaiting your wise counsel with bated breath.

Jimmy B.


Are you referring to this or this?

Thanks, David. The rain screen concept (pressure equalized) is definitely what I was referring to. I believe the original product was simply the type of insert one might use at a weephole in brick veneer, which is 3/8" OD, and provides a 1/4" ID, but which has a screen to prevent insects from entering. It was a while back, but the idea was suggested to me that one be installed at the bottom and top of the wood wall cladding between each stud.