Who, like me, is a fan of Gold Rush: Alaska ?

7 new episodes!

Nick you know there is a thing called sleep… 1:30 am 3:30 am posts… now on friday night sat morning I am either asleep, fishing, or looking for another bottle…

Love the gold rush. There are some old mine areas in NC near Charlotte I have been wanting to go check out to see what may have been missed LOL!

He emailed me this morning at 7:44 a. m. EST.

I can confirm that he does not sleep. Not only that he stands all day.

He is super man!!

I love the show and what’s even better I own a jig that is the same one they are using and cannot wait to use it this summer!

I’ve caught a few episodes…interesting show.

Let me know when I can lease your property…

Joe, that is 5:44 a.m. my time.

Free for members. I own 13 big gold mining claims in Colorado. If any member wants to work them, or just come out and play around on them, you are most welcomed to.

My son and I have been watching the show, personally I understand now how the bar owners and hardware salesman made the most money during the gold rushes.

I could not spend more than a few hours with Jack and his son Todd. Get the gator get the gator. What the hell were they out in a river in the first place with it?

I have a lot of heavy equipment. There is no way I would have ever permitted an excavator to lift that gator while someone was in it. If the hydraulic line on the boom blows, the guy in the gator is dead.

Here is what I would do. I’d keep the 15 year old grandson of the miner next door (he’s pretty smart and I like to hire young people). I’d keep the mechanic with the bad back (I don’t even need him to do any work, he can just direct me and I’ll do it). I’d keep the pastor (I’m in good with the Lord and want to keep it that way). Everyone else… I’d send home, along with all those wives and kids.

Nothing in the world like finding gold.

Yep, there is nothin’ like finding gold. It is so exciting.

say that again…:mrgreen:

geting ready to meet a guy with 800 claims and maybe off to the races after that! Maybe my last year inspecting …lol…

Like the show. A bit slow right now. They need a bunch of gold just to break even. Spending 4 months and walking away even or with a few thousand just does not cut it. I would not be running the camp on a diesel generator, I’d have each person use LP. I would not be drinking the water unless it’s filtered or boiled.

With that said, none of you can touch the quality of gold we have here in Dahlonega. I’m 5 mins away from several mines. Where do you think the phrase ‘‘there’s gold in them there hills’’ came from?

It’s a fun hobby, but that’s about it.

No guts no glory!

Nick what area of Colorado are your claims in?

Gilpin County, outside of Nederland. Some have old mines that you can walk in.

During WWII the government pulled the miners out of my gold mines (which were producing at the time) and moved them to where they could mine Tungsten. Tungsten is a military metal. Gold is too soft to kill Germans with. After the war, the price of gold was still down and no one ever went back to the gold mines. I researched where they all were, and re-claimed them with the BLM. I’ve had them for about 5 years.

Sounds like its time for a InterNachi picnic this spring or summer at the mines. That would be awesome.

They’re all yours. Enjoy.