Who, like me, is a fan of Gold Rush: Alaska ?

Throw in Sara Palin and I will hang with you and do what ever you say.

I sure would like that. Can you drive right up to them, or do you have to back pack to them?

I am a fan of After The Gold Rush even though Neil Young is a nitwit liberal. I know. Redundant.

I’ll be up in July… coming across the 70 :slight_smile:

See ya then

Frank, I have roads right up into all of them.

I wish they would have shown the fight last Friday.

There is nothing wrong with their wave table. All they need is to add a bias to it. The mechanic built a frame underneath it, so that it could be raised and lowered with the car jack. The frame is keeping it level on the other axis though. They not only need to slant the table long ways, but also tilt it to one corner on the other axis, which they can’t with that frame.

What they need is some real men there instead of the drama queens. This show should be on during the day with all of the other soap operas.

Agree starting with the mechanic. He started out alright but now he’s a tit baby.

Then Jack, I surprized he hasn’t killed someone yet.

I think they lost most the gold they had when they had the children and women pan though 30 buckets instead of using the wave table.

One thing to remember about “reality shows”

They aren’t.

That said, the old man is annoying with his attitude and constant playing for the camera.

I watched some episodes last night and the whole damn crew annoys me. What a cluster… They don’t decide to talk to professionals or people that know what the hell they are doing until “after” they have run through all their money and built things that won’t work or doesn’t work correctly. You are suppose to do that before you turn the first shovel full of dirt in any project. They got shut down once because they diverted the stream which is a salmon spawning stream. They didn’t check with any of the State people on what they could or could not do.

I agree, the old man, particularly annoys me. He wants to go off half cocked and do his own thing and keeps getting close to screwing it up for everyone. They appear to have a sort of a half assed plan but for the most part these people are all over the place. They should have left the women and kids the hell out of this big adventure. Too many freaking distractions, too much drama (reminded me of some home inspectors) and a s**t load of whining. I think the mine owner may pull the plug on this crew of nitwits.

If it was not for the network this bunch would already be dead or back home where they belong.

If my father and brother were anything like Jack and Todd and they showed up at my door wanting $40,000 I would tell Todd OK but first shave off that stupid looking chin whiskers he has. Then when he did I would have him arrested for trespassing.

Then I would go see him in jail and say “dude, need a hug”

Ha Ha now thats funny.:mrgreen: