Who Likes Orange

??? Anita Bryants House???

Or Will Deckers.

Must of been owned By someone from TN

Now that’s nasty…

Yep, looks like PMS 021 and not PMS 159 so it’s not in Austin for sure.

Darn, I thought this was another poll.

Reminds me of an orange creamsicle.http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/7/7_4_11.gif


Jealous, are we? :mrgreen:

Personally, for my own house, I like browns and grays.

For what it’s worth. When I started my company, I had some embroidered shirts made (button down for winter and fall and polos for spring and summer). The only color the guy had in stock that were in my size were orange. So, this is the beginning of a trademark. Branding, if you like.

I have a number of jokes, for the clients, about why I wear orange. "Helps you find my body, easier, when I die in the crawlspace. Keeps me from getting shot by Englishmen during St. Patrick’s day. “Hey, don’t as me about cosmetics of style (while pointing to my shirt).”

But, it helps.

Hope this helps;

Wait! that’s not orange, it’s “Salmon”. Just needs turqoise highlights.

Will look great once they move in the Black Velvet Furniture.