Who missed the party?

Don’t feel bad. I missed two years in a row. This time driving back through Canada from seeing my folks from upstate NY. I tried to join in the fun but driving while texting doesn’t work so well on the 401. I think I was able to score a T Shirt. That ok, NACHI has provided me plenty of free stuff through-out the year.

Will there be a master list posted of all the great prizes, sponsors, and there winners?

Merry Christmas to all and your families and a have a very prosperous new year.

Its over? I just got off of work!

I am still working :slight_smile:

Wait…party…what? freezing my back side off inspecting. I need a southern vacation.

Some of us have to work around here

I think I scored a t-shirt between appointments :mrgreen:

Me too. Happy/thankful to be working!

Texting and driving works great around here! With a niece that’s an EMT, a cousin that’s an Emergency Room Nurse, 2 cousins that are cops, and an uncle that’s a mortician, I’m sure you’d get to know at least someone in my family!! :wink:

Working, scheduling and having a ball, hope I’m never slow enough to enjoy the party, so someday I’ll enjoy the party daily!!

I thought Iwas done for the day and ended up with just about the best prize out there by pure luck. I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and a while.

Thanks to John for the opportunity to attend his extensive 2 day Infrared course.

I had decided to quit playing for the day and go for a bike ride with my little one and popped her tire. I came back in threw my name on the list just because and to my GREAT surprise won. Wo hoo Soon I’ll have so many titles my business card will not be big enough to have them all on it :slight_smile:

Party? I missed it as well.