Who needs a server upgrade?

Do you guys get this alot…

Way too often. Even at odd hours when most inspectors are alseep (except for a couple in Canada… you know who you are)!

very often…and this is basically the only site i have any issues with


I’m not so sure it is as much a server issue as it may be a traffic setting on the board. The software being used here looks like a common BB software used by many ISP’s There is a setting that limits the number of users that can be online at any given time to keep not only the server but the data pipe from getting overloaded. The denial of service attacks hackers use are an example of such an overload. In some cases the board admin can control this setting however, in other cases the ISP controls the setting. We say a good example of this was the online Christmas Party. Each time Nick posted a gift we saw the message as the party progressed and more people attended.

The traffic to all of InterNACHI’s website keeps growing parabolically. And now that InterNACHI is a big player in approved CE for real estate agents, it’s growing even faster. There are only 25,000 home inspectors in North America, but there are 2 million real estate agents. Taking over NAHI didn’t help either. NAHI guys were like starved cats over at NAHI. They never saw a buffet like www.nachi.org/benefits

On the I.T. end, they keep building out our infrastructure to try and keep up. But for them, it’s much like continually changing out the engine of a car to a bigger and faster one… while we’re all still driving the car.

We have a few upgrades in the works that should address this issue for a good long while, but unfortunately they’re taking longer than we’d hoped to roll out. Nick’s moving car analogy is just right—it’s hard to do big upgrades to the message board without taking it down for days, which we can’t do.

That said, I’m optimistic that we’ll have a fix in place soon.


Well… except the obamacare websites:mrgreen:

With the amount of traffic this site experiences I’m surprised it is running so well now! The occasional glitch like this is to be expected and just a small speed bump on the road to a good experience. :smiley:


Been there, done that, and users get real angry, real fast when you have to go down for even short periods. Y’all are doing great, keep it up!! :smiley:

Chris is the reason that any of this is here.

Thank you so much!!

You need to migrate InterNACHI to a load balanced server cluster array in a round robin set up and themove can be done seamlessly with no downtime.

As the former owner of one of the largest hosting companies in the world,this is really Childs play if you know what you are doing. We (my old company) and some of my other hosting company friends, host many sites over 50 times
the unique daily visitors that Nachi gets, and HUGE amounts of stored content and very intense content management scripts…just sayin.:slight_smile:

For now a few easy tricks to try would be, Make sure you have no throttling on your bandwidth, and most important, Increase your Simultaneous Connections to be Wide open !!! That will help.


Thanks Chris, et al!!! :slight_smile:

How about if we just shut down the NFE forum for a couple weeks… I would bet the server is just throwing up… :shock:

We might have to launch a second message board and then shut this one down.

Absolutely unnecessary, see post 11 above.


Good idea! Then you could move all of those “Educational threads”, that are the root cause of the problems here, to the new MB!

Bravo just open the second one for the click bait and let the members keep this one.

It’s doing it again today.


Another solution would be to move all content (Images) to a separate content server, with a nice Robust content Management script to serve up all the content and thus lowering the load and available resources of the main server. This will work if you don’t go with post 11 above about a load balancer.