Who needs breakers...

When you can just tap right into the bus bars :roll:

Simply amazing…

Wow, what was this feeding?

You tell me :smiley:

Compression couplings on the EMT, but a regular 1900 box and dry location clamps, no GFI or in-use cover.

Pure genius!

That is actually drywall inside the garage. I know it almost looks like stucco…

Fooled me. I thought that was outside.

Looks safe to me!

At least they did not use drywall screws:D

Sean they do not understand the term git- er- done lol. these fellows would go crazy here:D

Is that 220V also? Could it be a temp. setup for floor sanding guys? Although I usually see them use alligator clips on the bus bars.

Well Jeff, a new breaker may run you like $20, who has that kind of cash just sitting around? Besides whats the worst that could happen? …

GAWD…people still amaze me at what they will do.