Who owns InterNACHI?


So who are the directors?

And the voting members?

Who is on first

There are 4 people on the “Board”…one of whom is internachi legal counsel. No idea “who” they are…

There are 4 members of the Board of Directors which flies in (all different parts of the country) and meets once a year: Chris Morrell, Nick Gromicko, Nikolai Gromicko, Joe Ferry. None are paid for being on the Board.

Joe Ferry is not InterNACHI’s General Counsel. He is an attorney who works solely in the inspection industry though. He also volunteers his time on the Board.

Mark Cohen is InterNACHI’s General Counsel and attends each BOD meeting.

That makes no sense…you posted on another thread that you take 250K a year…how is that not being paid to be on the Board?

Also, if Mr. Ferry is on the Board, he most definitely gives “legal counsel” to the Board…my statement remains correct.

I think when Nick leaves then Immediately Chris would assume the Leadership until a new BOD is appointed .

No, you’re incorrect. General Counsel is a specific position. Being a lawyer on a Board of Directors anywhere doesn’t make you that organization’s General Counsel. It just doesn’t.

LOL…I never used the term “general counsel”…you did.

Yep. And we only have one.

Awesome! So can the members see the Board meeting minutes? Do they get a detailed schedule of when these meetings occur incase some of them would like to attend?

Seems only fair to me…

I’m pretty sure they aren’t public documents as they would telegraph our intentions, which in turn would harm members.

If you start a nonprofit and decide at some point in the future that you don’t want to do it anymore, you have to walk away from it and leave the running of the organization to someone else. Or, if the time has come to close the doors for good, any assets the organization owns must be distributed to other nonprofits fulfilling a similar mission.


A stakeholder is an individual or group which has an interest that the non profit fulfills its mission. Anyone who is interested or affected by the nonprofit organization and its services is a stakeholder.


I wasn’t 100% sure, so I checked. Board minutes aren’t public documents.

Seems to me you don’t trusty your membership…or Home Inspectors. Some of the smartest most trustworthy people I know are Home Inspectors, most ethical too.

Seems to me it’s kind of crappy to assume that none of them could help better the profession and better guide the practices of the Association. Not all would want to be involved, but some would. I know for a fact you have some really smart people on these forums…others, not so smart…

Whatever…I know I would have an issue giving someone $499 a year and having absolutely ZERO influence or opinion on where that money goes.

True, but not because we think they are evil. Although it is not true for all members, the membership in aggregate does not possess the skill set to make decisions regarding the operation of a global trade association. Again, certain members do, but the vast majority do not. Even Pro Bowl football players generally can’t build and manage stadiums.

Oh members have an influence and opinions. We just don’t have a 20,000-member board. ASHI does and NAHI did… and look what happened to them. :wink:

I think the industry is pretty happy with our value proposition: www.nachi.org/benefits .

Been a member of other home Inspection associations .
No comparison NACHI is I feel far ahead of the other associations .

Interesting a non member as the only complaint…LOL.
Mr Shephard what is your goal here ?