Who Pays For Repairs After A Home Inspection?

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Thanks to this professional, thorough inspection by Craig, I saved literally thousands of $$$$$$$$$. The vendor is going to have all the work suggested by Craig carried out at their expense. We would have found out the hard way had we not contacted Maple Trust…… Need I say more!!

Ian Macdonald

I added this to my website to help clarify how things work.

Who Pays For Repairs After A Home Inspection?

How do your clients deal with their laundry lists?

None of your business. You inform, then the transaction/repairs/purchase is up to them. Your job is over. Collect the check, next…

I agree Gary. You have that exactly right.

But it is our clients’ business… It’s pretty interesting what happens after our service is completed.

It would probably make a great reality show. :slight_smile:

Buyers ask / Sellers say yes / no OR I’ll do #A but not #B AND buyer choses to buy or not buy … Thats always been it in a nutshell / Period

The initial purchase agreement states the price of the home as readily observed, given the conditions on the disclosure. The terms are subject to the results of the home insoection (if so written, but this is most common).
after the inspection, there are new terms or condtions (normally).

The buyer can ask for repairs and seller may accept.
The buyer can ask for nothing and sign off on contract.
The buyer can get out of initial purchase agreement.
The buyer can ask for repairs and seller can say no- giving the buyer the choice to accept or reject the original offer