Who says commercial is easy?

Can you spot the problem?

Building in use.

Morning, Dee.
Hope this post finds you well.
Dee. Who says commercial inspections are easy?

Hello my fellow early riser
By the way, What do they say about early risers?
To answer your question. I don’t know who says they are easy but we will find out. Ha
I am still scratching my head over what they were thinking here.
Trying to stir up some conversation.
I’m ready to see what the home inspection waters are like.
I just hope I am able to join in the webinars. I may have to sleep in.
Hope the rest of your week treats you well.

Keep at it.
Webinars are great.
Have a great day.

According to the writing on the wall, it looks like someone has been locked in the closet with no doorknobs.

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