Who should contact (FSBO) seller to schedule inspection?

My client has a realtor but i’m not sure what the protocall is for contacting the seller. Should I let the buyer’s agent contact the current owner (FSBO) and verify inspection time? Or should I get the contact info and do this myself?



Many sellers going FSBO want nothing to do with a Realtor, so they won’t get the time of day.

Note: I (mention) to my clients that are looking at FSBO properties that they SHOULD get an attorney to represent them. This isn’t like buying a used car from your Uncle Bob!

I would make contact with the seller.Might be a future inspection in it as well.

I generally leave the seller to do it but will start doing it myself to influence a second sale.

You should.

I do a lot of for sale by owners and always contact the seller myself (get their info from my client). Best way to ensure you get entry as most do not have lock boxes.