"Who should get the blame?" she asks....

I received this email, today…

I have already replied to her and will furnish my response after a few others have kicked in.

My my my… that’s all I have to say Jim.

Respond to the letter, Billy. What would you say?

I would say that’s what you get for price shopping. :wink: No for real let me give it some thought. I’ll be back later.

I personally would tell her while we as inspectors try to find as many issues as possible, there are some minor items that could be missed within the time frame of our inspcetion. Our job is to help you find the bigger issues, and to ensure that you are purchasing a safe and properly built home. All homes will have areas where things were not installed to code, and we as inspectors can not possible keep up with all codes from all areas and jurisidctions.
There are many homes that if I called out all defects great or small, I would be there almost a week. Sometimes we have to note the major items, and tell the customer that once the big stuff is cleaned up or addressed we could come back and take a second look.

The toilet is a great example of how only some things can be found once someone lives in a home for a while.

That is correct. If the bill does not go above 10,000 there is no blame.
All areas that are small problems can be attacked by price reduction.

I’d give her my phone number and have her call me. I’d then take the tact that Sean took verbally. If she really isn’t looking for “firepower” then she should be fine with that. If she’s secretly looking for “firepower” I don’t want to get involved.

I don’t mind being “firepower”. I’ll help someone sue a lowballer in a heartbeat. Protecting some cheap and sloppy part-time inspector does nothing to protect the consumer or the profession.

??? I don’t get that one. What pipes? The drains under the sink? They are usually 1 1/4 or 1 1/2.

Switched backwards??? What does that mean. Upside down maybe. Another simple fix almost not worth mentioning. If I did note it, this would not be on the defect list.

THe last one with the W/D sounds funny also. WHat did they do add a deep sink in the garage and T into the washer hose bibs. So what. Hell of a lot cheeper than running new plumbing.

After reading this note more thoroughly I think the woman needs to find somthing else to gripe about. If they were justifiable issues I could understand, but you would have to see them for yourself to verify. From her terms used she doesnt quite understand fully.

I usually find bigger things to worry about. If thats all I have to wirte up, then its a great house.

First of all…it says after she moved it…like a day, a week, a month, a year. Are the defects actual and true or did the plumber take her for a ride? I do not warranty ANYTHING unless I am called FIRST…if someone else touches it, they own it!

I bet you dollars to donuts that the basement sink was plumbed with 2" pipe. I also bet you that the sink was a utility sink that also served as the standpipe for the washing machine, which requires a 2" drain. Sounds like someone got taken for a ride!

Plumber probably needs some extra income, like most contractors. She should have got several bids/second opinions. We can only see and inspect what we have access to. Buying a new home is like driving someone else’s car; it works, but it is different.

Blame it on the realtor, she probably referred the inspector. They should both split the repairs.

Which relative was the plumber?

If she wants me to get all involved in her mess, she can hire me. I’m not going to spend an hour crafting a response for her if she is not my client. My advice to her would be to go back to the inspector that she DID hire and discuss the specifics of each item with them.

She clearly does not understand the implications of some of the items that she is talking about and you have only what she provides by means of explanation to go by. You don’t even have the opportunity to go back and see the issues as they were before repairs were made. You will have to make too many assumptions to try to make heads or tails of her situation unless you get into reviewing the report, the photographs and interviewing both the inspector and plumber and possibly inspecting the items first hand. You can only add confusion and potentially misinformation by trying to comment on culpability at this point.

I hope you will share your response.

If it was the utility sink I hope it would be 2".

This would be my approach. I would charge by the hour to walk thru with the inspection report and critic the issues realistically as we go.


I really see these things as none issues. Sounds like the plumber is taking her for a ride.

I would tell her to open up communication with the inspector she hired.

Please send me a copy of the written Home Inspection report for my review.

Also please send a copy of the written Report and or Detailed Estimate from the Contractor for my review.

Unless I have more information I will no be able to help you.