Who wants a blue XL NACHI shirt?

First to reply…


If you have lots, I wouldn’t mind getting one.

I’d like one please.

Me too.

me tooo.

Count me in

Me Too!!!

Nick did “first to reply” for those who haven’t read the whole thread.:wink:

True but sometimes Nick feels sorry for us and gives it to everyone that responds.

So Me Too!!

Oh, Ok then, whine away.

This is starting to look like the forclosures thread.:shock:

Me # 12, post that is!

Let’s not drag this thread out.

Nick stated…“First to Reply, gets the T-Shirt”, so that means that Chris gets an XL T-Shirt.

If you’d like to order a NACHI T-Shirt contact lisa.endza@nachi.org

It would make a GREAT birthday present for ME!

Cant blame us for trying can you?:smiley:

We are promoting the shirts. For good advertisement RR says it should be posted 12 - 15 times. :smiley: :smiley: