Who wants to be notified?

In midst of the situation that is presently occurring, I talked with some of the members and they stated in the near future that we should have a conference call or a netmeeting to discuss strategy.

For all of those wishing to partake in this conference call, please PM me and let me know the best way to get ahold of you.

Those who are already involved that I know of are

Steve Taylor
John Shishilla
Preston Halstead
Eric Van De Ven
Bert Carvajal
Manny Nieblas
Larry Losciale
Aubry Kahn
Lavern Spencer
Greg Arabie
Trish Williams
Matt Sandford
Nathan Thornberry
Bob Sole
Greg Pownall
Richard Murphy
Tom Hession…

These are the names that are presently involved and if you would also like to be notified please let me know.

The plan is to have a meeting online BEFORE the meeting online in Talahassee. SO we can decide on what to say, then back up those delivering the message, make sense?

On a side note…what did we expect from contractors? We went in a took their wind mit stuff from them. Did we not expect them to fight back? I can’t blame the guys for protecting their profession and trying to advance it. Not that we are a little more educated and armed we can bring a voice to the meetings…

Just want those who WANT to participate to be giving the chance.

Wayne Collier 863.990.4019

thanks Wayne…

Jay C. Murray

Sorry Jay…I knew about you…thanks

I was surprised my name was not there. Keep me in the loop.

Me too. After listening to the audio recordings I now see who is trying to shape things.
Glenn Fricke

More than happy guys. Thanks for wanting to participate

Thanx Russ…

Maybe an end of the year contest for the poster who finds the juiciest tidbit…

so far Steve has my vote…but it’s a long election season…

It should be no surprise who the major players are. These two guys have been trying to corner the market for quite sometime. Ask a couple of ole timers.

It’s the guy who has the clout who submitted that revision…that’s the guy we should be watching and any other entity like him. It seemed to easy to slip that by us.

There is plenty more to be found…

This week will be very interesting. :wink:



I contacted the HouseMaster legal department this morning. They have several franchisees in FL. They may want to help.

Are they tied to Service Master? If yes, I believe that they also have a large contractor referral network. Not sure, but if they are, getting involved in support of home inspectors may put them in conflict with their contractor affiliations. Again, not sure of the relationship- if any.

No, one of the largest HI franchisers in the US though.

Did you spell it wrong?

I think he is missing a “t”.

And, no change on the website…

OK, I just sent out an email to everyone that wanted to be notified. I want to ensure that this works before it gets to day 0 and we are running around like a chicken with our heads cut off

two email adress’s I need - Richard Murphy and Tom Hession. (I think that is all I missed)

If you want to be in the loop, send me your email and I will add you to the list…

Thanks everyone


Make sure you tag my mole, sucka. :stuck_out_tongue:

Russel -

Greg Strump