Who wants to give me their past clients for me to send a snailmail to?

You give me the contact information from 1,000 past (but not very recent) clients, and I’ll send them all a signed letter on InterNACHI letterhead asking them to contact you to schedule a pre-winter inspection.

I won’t use the information for anything other than the purpose I described.

Anyone want to volunteer?

Ill volunteer, but since I’m new at this its not going to be 1000 clients. Where do I email a list?

Absolutely not, but thanks anyway Nathan.


Alan, I’ll have a staffer contact you direct. All I’m going to do is see if I can generate you some annual inspection customers with a mailing.

I delete it as soon as I’m done.

No way in hell.

I don’t want/need their phone numbers.
I don’t want/need their email addresses.

I’m only snail mailing (by USPS) them a letter to generate YOU annual inspection customers.

Why not? Can you explain?

As a Professional Home Inspector, I support the privacy of my clients.

OH!.. O.K. I thought you had something against annual inspections or something.

You do realize you aren’t giving up much? Not their email address. Not their phone number. Not much of anything about them. Just their mailing address. And you aren’t even selling that to a vendor. You’re just having me mail them a letter to their mailbox, on your behalf, once.

I think it would be easier and more personal to do this ourselves. Can’t you just put out a template for us to use and personalize?

Christopher, you figured out what I’m really trying to do. I was going to create four different letters (that’s why I asked for at least 1,000 addresses) and then track the response rate of each, then post the best one for members to use.

My computer was making a strange sound this morning and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I finally realized it was just the crickets chirping on this thread. Whew :smiley:

Those old customers… 2006-2010 no longer exist they went the way of the Real Estate bust. :frowning:


I’m in. Please let me know the details. I firmly believe that InterNACHI is here to help my business, not hurt it.


Alan & Gregg…please explain how providing that information to INACHI doesn’t violate the INACHI COE #I.7 and, in the case of NY, a state licensing COE? Do you not considering this divulging private information? Is INACHI not a 3rd party? Are you protecting the client’s safety? Are you complying with a law or subpoena?

I have been doing this for years, you past client list is pure gold!! I have never had one complaint from a past client getting a newsletter, reminder for a annual inspection, radon reminder.

I do not. You are merely mailing something to your own client through a service your association provides to your company. InterNACHI is not a third party, not selling anything to consumers, not in need of anything but their mailing address (just like the U.S. Post Office does). We’re simply alerting your past clients on your behalf to an inspection service they may wish to have you perform.

We’ve been through this already with http://www.nachi.org/home-maintenance-newsletter.htm and no state has any issue with it as it doesn’t violate any state law nor does it violate the spirit of our Code of Ethics.

I respectfully disagree, INACHI is most certainly a 3rd party to my inspections. Yes, we have hashed this out repeatedly over the years and I will continue to stand by my conviction to not provide my client’s private information to anyone except as required by my state’s licensing laws.

oh…and this part of the revised COE:

…is what makes it palatable to state licensing boards. If that consent is part of an inspection agreement then you’re good to go. Does everyone participating in your request have that written consent?