Who was the smart a ss that said Oil Fill pipes belong in back of the House?

He must of lived in Florida:)

looks like somebody had a lot of fun there partner…

Well, if anything, I got a workout. :slight_smile:

More snow in the forcast for Wenesday.

I here you on the snow…I’m running out of places to move it. I’m lucky my house has the fill right our front with two 330 tanks in the basement. Only need to put oil in once a year. But the bill hurts the wallet, big time.

Hey Tim, how’s the snow situation down your way?

Also have to clear a path for propane for my fireplace insert. :slight_smile:

We lucked out last night. Only a few inches. I sounds like from Augusta east got nailed with snow last night! I live in a valley in Gray and I am surrounded by trees so not much sun this time of year. I have a solid three feet in spots. My snow banks on my private drive at six feet now. I’m ready for mud season. :shock:

Write your Congressmen & Women & tell them to forget about the Keystone pipeline & build NG pipelines to the NE instead. :smiley:

Actually Kevin, Summit Gas spent or are spending $350 million in Natural Gas pipeline in Maine started last year to all bussinesses and to continue this summer.
Hope it helps to bring the price of Heating Oil down. :slight_smile:

That’s a start Marcel, but you guy’s up there in the NE corridor need NG running to every business & home.

NG is the next big fuel source of our time.

Hopefully installation of the pipelines will coincide with your next furnace installation. :smiley:

Finally going over 32 degrees here on Tuesday.

We got 27 inches on Thursday. The snow blower hardly got a workout. Do they sell snow blowers in Maine Marcel?

Just sayin. :slight_smile:

They do Jeff, but they won’t cut through a 4’ iced up snow bank and crusted snow. :slight_smile:

Better happen soon Kevin, my furnance is going on 24 years old now. :slight_smile:

Getting up into the 50s here & supposed to hit 60 by the end of the week.

I’ll be glad to see it all melt. :smiley:

Watch what you wish for.
All the trapped bacteria is free as well.

Gonna be a lot of sick people soon.

Just a thought,

You could always go with propane, then when the NG gets to your house just change out the orifice. :slight_smile:

Is your tank in your basement or buried? Around here if they’re buried they full them with sand, if in the basement & you want the space you may have to cut it up.

Well, I am ready for melting snow myself. Been a long expensive winter.

I don’t live in Chicago Bob.

LOL, you left yourself wide open for that one. :smiley:

A flame thrower might be a better fit for your area.

Tank is in the basement and I installed on of these last August.

Only to see the price of propane jump a $1 a gallon a month after the install.
This insert ran me $4K