Who was the smart a ss that said Oil Fill pipes belong in back of the House?

Nice, you’r already half way there.

I thought propane was about the same cost as heating oil?

Here is mine (with my dog:D), run on NG and puts out lot’s of heat. I also have a blower installed. I just need to paint the brass strips. :wink:

It’s only 64 here today.
Tomorrow it will be 63. It will cool off the end of the week. Saturday we will have a high of 39.
It snowed about 5" a week ago.
Stay warm my friends.

Filled last week at $3.23 a gallon and Oil 2 weeks ago was $3.73:)

I could deal with those temperatures David with no problem. :slight_smile:

We have had a mild winter moisture wise. I think we had more cold weather than usual. It has finally started to warm up. I was out on the patio cleaning up today wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.

I will take this kind of winter anytime.

I’m glad we don’t get the winters that most of you are getting this year!

The mountains/ski areas are have a great year for snow. They can keep it up there!

And now after such a “beautiful” winter, this spring we can welcome in the flooding. :twisted:

And don’t forget the F-4s. :twisted::twisted::twisted:

Yes Chris, unfortunatly, the aftermath of abundant snow in winter floods the banks. :slight_smile:

I don’t know which is worse, too much water or not enough.

As long as my basement stay’s dry I think I’ll go with not enough water being the worse of two evils.

That’s some good winter weather, and perfect for inspecting as well.

I just ordered cord #6… man am I sick of lugging wood :frowning:

I know the feeling Peter, for 14 years up in Madawaska Maine, my home was electric heat and needed a minimum of 4 cords.
It is a lot of work.

It is also the cheapest fuel now.

Then it is Pellets:)

I can buy green wood for 200/cord VS 380 for 100 gallons of oil and I get more BTUs out of the wood. Heats the house better I think but it is a lot of work.

I bought four cords in the spring and summer and had it stacked and dried. But I knew I was in trouble when I went through three of them by Christmas.

I felt very fortunate that I could buy 12 to 16 or 20 face cords of oak, delivered, for $55/face cord. We heated with it for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for more than 8 years, except when we were gone. We loved getting warmed to the bone after being outside. Aside from that, we used a little propane for backup and water heater.

It was all stacked inside and nice and dry. But, it sure is work and dirty to heat with wood.

This year we have r-26 icynene side walls and r-60 cellulose ceiling with the biggest $60 a month gas bill in the latest cold months. We are very happy. :smiley:

Whats all the white stuff on the ground?:smiley:

Just joking, I used to live in the Mich UP, I feel your pain:D right about L7 right