Who will attend a FREE 1-day Intro to Infrared Camera Inspections course in Denver?

If I go to the trouble and expense of putting on a FREE (NACHI members only) 1-day introductory course in April on Infrared Camera Inspections in Denver, a city that is very easy and inexpensive to fly to… will you come?


Please emphasize.

Is this the Level one course or the Home Inspector course?

And who is presenting this course?

Sign me up!

And…is it FREE or is it free + $1 for each mile if under 200 miles…or some other variation of a formula?


You ask to many questions. I doubt that people will be willing to travel to far for a one day event. The travel costs would be more than just paying to go to the event near you.

Huh? … I am not sure how to take that…


You’ve got a point. That’s why I asked…

The only Thermal Imaging course that can be presented in **one day **would be"Introduction to thermal imaging and measurement systems for predictive maintenance applications". I attended the “Flir Introduction” course in Boston and it didn’t cost me a dime.

I’m now seeing that Nick’s post does say "1-day Introductory course".

The Level one, two and three courses costs approx. $1,600 a piece and are taught in four day increments.

I can see local inspectors attending this course, but paying for travel is just not worth it.

I have it booked for the 21st of April.

Did you want to go to 2 days or just the 1-day intro?

Would this class be about learning how to use Infared, or more along the lines of if it would be benificial to add it to our business?

Does that make sense? It does in my head, but not so much in writing.

Both. It is really to help you decide whether or not to go into it or not. Then I’ll follow it with technical courses.

That was the plan, but if you think we should just do a 3 day course, let me know.

I would come for a 3 day class.

I’m with Todd sign me up!!! I will clear my schedule this time.

3 Day Class all the way!! might as well make it worth it!! I would be there right away! Push for the 3 day class. Thanks Nick!!

I will try to attend the 1 or 3 day course. Is it still April 21st?

Please email final plans if possible



I’m in favor of a three(3) day course that includes a Level I, II or III. I’m all set with any sort of introductory course.

What are fees?

I would attend also, I appreciate the information.

I would be interested Nick. Let us know what you decide.

I’ll stay over ftom the commercial class…

Do we have any update on this class. If its going to happen or not? If anyone knows more info, please let me know. Thanks

I would defintely come and even pay some for a course that would certify me as a themographer.

Phillip R. Hinman