Who (wood) U blame

Po Co or Carpenter.???

What do you see as the problem Bob?

Thought picture was obvious , but look how the attachment is pulling on the guardrail fence.

The post is not attached to the structure and the weight of the feeder drop is causing it to lean.

This was a mid span and next door to my inspection.
They made the attachment to the actual building structure where I was, but the angle was off just enough that this guy had to attach to the porch structure rather that by pass it ,as the meters are just on the side at rear (below)

Look close Mike (do you see the post angle)?

I would say po co. Seems the line has pulled it.

Yeah , but should the carpenter have fastened the post ?

2 different heads and no coordination.

I see it now Bob Thanks.

Inspecting from pics causes errors. :wink:

Ok good.

This is new construction so I imagine it will get worse as the actual span in the alley had more tension than usual from this feeder setup.

It was pulling out of shape.

It doesn’t appear to have any structural significance, but you are right they both screwed up on this.

I agree

Porches looked great except for lack of post attachment to wall and yet another issue at my side ,that I will now post in appropriate section.

The picture shows the electrical feed is approximately the height of the window. If true, it can easily be contacted by someone standing on the surface of the structure.
IMO, a poor and potentially unsafe installation, regardless of the inadequate anchorage against the weight and pull of the wires to the power pole.
I question why the POCO or Electrical Underwriters Inspector (or whatever you call the folks in your area who do the “final” before the POCO makes the permanent connection) did not specify the service connect at a mast above the roof of the structure.

Yeah how did they get away with being so close Bob?

It attaches to the mast at the side of the building,and the extra high wood rail was designed at all of them the same way (guessing to block touching).
The others go directly to the exterior walls except this one (poorly planned mid-span).
The angle would have had it rubbing the building.

Since this is a new sub-division replacing the old Zenith plant , they should have gone underground in my opinion.

Here is a different view if it helps.
bear in mind this is an alley pole and they ran a midspan to avoid exactly what happened.

Just in case ,(a mid span means :not directly from the pole but from the messenger wire in between the poles)

Is it in reach from the deck Bob?

Pretty obvious from the picture .
It is about same height as the door frame,and you would need to stick your hand through the balusters.

Should be easy to staple chicken wire at the top.

I dont know much about the codes in your area, but up here, the end rail wouldn’t pass inspection and ESA would label the hydro lines as a major defect.

There are no waterlines in the picture.

Bob… it’s a Canadian thing… Hydro aka. Poco :wink:

Since it’s a new build. Whoever ran the tri-plex and made the improper attachment is to blame. PoCo.