Who would be interested in a course in Philly?

I have been corisponding with John McKenna about the possibility of setting up a course in Philadelphia. I want to see if there would be a large enough interest to bring this up and coming course to our area. If so, it would either be in late March 2008 or May 2008, depending on what the responce time is from everyone.

Please fill out the poll so that I can get a general idea of how many people would like to attend so I can start making arrangements.


Philly is a bit far for me :wink:

It’s tax deductible and very nice weather this time of year!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Last night was 9 degrees outside…:shock:

If this course does come to town, I am going to try to work out a deal with a local company that rents cameras by the day and they also sell refurbished cameras.

It was 79 degrees here today. Give me a call this summer :cool:

see thats a great idea… those cameras, even tho invaluble, are extreamly expensive… i would love to take a course in it, let me know if they make a deal with you to rent them out… are used ones certified in any way as far as guarenteeing calibration?

You can get an IR camera from professionalequipement.com with $0 for 60 days
and pay it out in one year. If you buy the BCAM at it’s present clearance sale
price, you can pay for it in one year by adding less than $50 per inspection for
the next 100 inspections. It pays for itself.


March 8th and 9th or 15th and 16th (preferred). If not I’m out for March.


John and Will,

Have you considered doing a class in Toronto?

Mic Rivera has an IR cam. Maybe you can partner with him at the trainer and save some $$$.

Linas, LOL, I’m falling off of my chair, You’re funny !!!


I will take the class to anywhere in the USA or Canada. All we
need is for someone to contact me from that area and let me
know there is an interest. At that point we can begin the process
of setting up a course for that area.

I’m a definite maybe for May!:mrgreen:

I emailed the chapter to see if anyone else would be interested, I’ll also print up some flyer’s to pass around at the meeting for you. You have a definitive location set up?

Does anybody lease to buy these camera’s

The location and exact date will be set up, once we get a feel for those who
want to take the class and what month works best for everyone. Thanks
for you help.

Now we should have a poll, with names listed on days of the week.


Hey Gary I think you can get a real good deal through Professional Equipment, on a B-CAM ,payments around $99.00 per month on a new Camera. I just had mine delivered, it’s the B-CAM SD I paid $6,750. I also registered with ITC for a Level-1 course thats going to be held in Vegas. Professional equipment has one for sale at $4,500 right in that price range. go to their site and check it out. www.professionalequipment.com

You can get the SD from Pro Lab for $4699.

Contact FLIR and they can direct you to that information for your area
concerning leasing and renting.