Who would you rather watch, Mike Holmes or Paige Peters?

Check this out: http://www.nachi.tv/episode40

Not much of a choice…Paige has never lied to me.

Bill Mullen

and Nick hasn’t? :mrgreen:

This is between Mike Holmes and Paige. :twisted:

Bill Mullen

Apparently Ray is back from the institution.

mike who?

The Mike “Let’s watch another dumb consumer who hired a cheap bid contractor cry like a girl on TV in between footage of me tearing their house to the ground in brown overalls” Holmes Show.

I’m actually a fan, I laugh myself silly watching it. It is a pretty good show.

Just being sarcastic Nick, I have watched alot of him, I think he has done a good service but how long would you stay in business if you were called for a small problem and you tear the house half down and rebuilt,not to say some of them didn’t need it. You did ask who we would rather watch and I have to say Paige even if she had it all wrong.

It’s a good show. I like that he reminds consumers not to pay contractors too far ahead.

I would rather watch wand going over Niagra Falls in a cardboard box! Reality T.V.

I second that Ken.

I’m from Philly and my last name ends in a vowel… I can arrange that :wink:


I think some here would be happy to pony up a pay per view for that one.:wink:

Nothing against Paige, Mike knows how to use tools.

Nick Maybe you could sent Mike, Paige’s stair viedo.

Paige is sexy talking about studs and holes.

Mike has posted his first newspaper ad in the Guelph Tribune as of last Friday.

I was going to scan and post it, but the paper was already thrown out. I’ll scan it the next time I see it.

A customer is going to pay double what everyone else is charging for an inspection, based on the fact that they think a television celebrity is going to show up to inspect their house.

What are they going to say when they find out it’s nothing more than a paid celebrity endorsement of another inspection company that has already existed for years under a different name?

Sorry … last I checked (yes, I have done my homework) Mike is not even a Journeyman Tradesman … he shouldn’t be allowed to hold any tools beyond passing them to someone certified to use them. He was a labourer when they found him for this show, building sets onsite.

But, with that said, I do point folks at his website for information on how not to get ripped of by a contractor. He has an excellent section on that and I thank him for it.

Imagine the scandal when people find out that he doesn’t even have a C of Q in any trade.