Whole Building Surge Protectors?

I came across these red boxes attached directly to an electrical panel yesterday and I cannot determine what they are. My first thoughts where that they were whole building surge protectors which I have encountered before attached directly to a panel, however these have no markings and were very warm to the touch. I also thought that could be some sort of junction box-“handy man” work since they appear to just have wires feeding into and out of them back to the panel. The current owner has no clue what they are, and I have never encountered anything that looks like this which makes me suspect that they are just being used as junction boxes, but with them being very warm to the touch, I am hoping that is not the case. They appear to be spray painted red, but I am not certain what these are and cannot locate information anywhere as to what they could be other than the surge protectors or simply a junction box type attachment.

Any advice or input is greatly appreciated.


Luke DeVivo

Greetings Fella,

Well even I would be taking a “STAB” at it without actually being able to put a meter on them and reading some outputs and so on. However, it could be surge protection devices but why so many…OR since it looks like it is three phase power they could line conditioners or correction factor capacitors for specific loads I guess.

Sorry not much help…so no labels on the underside, the part pointing down?..I would be able to tell if I was there and had my meter but otherwise speculation. If you have other issues in the panel then list as unknown devices and refer them to be evaluated as an electrician will be able to sort that out with their meter.

Looks like some sort of relay enclosures. How it was wired might yield a clue.