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Has anyone done a whole home inspection from the ground up? I have been asked to do one as the home is being built. This home will be built on a slab. What kind of problems has anyone encountered doing an inspection of this nature. What are the things to watch out for.

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These are known as phase inspections. I strongly encourage you to pass an exam offered by the International Code Council (ICC) prior to putting yourself in a position you don't want to be in. Phase inspections are very profitable, but, most construction companies will require you carry $$$ worth of insurance before they will let you on site. Passing the ICC is still not enough. You should be extremely competent in construction. From the footing to trusses to wiring. If you sign off a phase that turns out to be defective, your on the hook. A building inspector may not have the time to fully check everything about the home. This puts you at risk. In the search bar type ICC. This will pull up prior posts on this subject.

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