Who's going to Fuel?

Who here is going to Inspection Fuel ?

All the best speakers will be there.

I’ll be in Florida all of November and December and plan to attend.

InterNACHI, CMI, Inspector Outlet… we’ll all be there.

Sounds like fun.

I wouldn’t mind getting away for a few days, not sure about paying money to hear products being pitched.

I will check my schedule

We are planning on being there. Paid for it already.

Wait until it gets closer to show time, they will be giving the tickets away.

Considering they are more than 60% sold out and most inspectors book last minute, there is no incentive to give anything away.

I find it absolutely amazing that a business owner would not spend $289 to invest in themselves or their company, especially when you understand it is a write-off.

looking forward to it:D


I will be great to see you. We need to have that beer we missed at Inspection Universe.

Linas is going ,Great !
WOW figured the only big fighting was political this November.

If in Florida gotta go.:slight_smile:

Maybe you should crawl back into your little hole.
We’ll have a great time and learn a lot to promote our businesses.

There is the Linas we all love.:mrgreen:

You can come Bob.
Bring your boyfriend.:wink:
We’d like to finally meet him.

Sorry Linass but have a beautiful GF.
Maybe bring your Boyfriend instead and nobody will judge you as we live in a non judgmental society thanks to open minded men such as yourself.

How about for detailed product training sessions on things you already own and learning how to increase your income all while having fun hanging out with some great people!?

So he went through with the operation?
Hey if Bruce Jenner can do it and be accepted by society, your James/Jane can too.
It looks like our church may be accepting this soon also.

Hey Everyone… if you are going to Fuel. Make sure you have your room reservation already. The hotel is almost all sold out. (Inspectors packed the house!)

Code is InspectionFuel
Cost is 109.00

Phone no. is 321-768-0200

Do they accept pets?