Who's going to the convention?

I was thinking about going to the 07 convention I was wondering who else was thinking about going?

I’ll be there. Once you’ve committed to flying somewhere it doesn’t really matter where it is.

Toronto Convention Char and Roy will be there.

I will be there

Yes Nick. I think most of us had a some idea that there may be a good chance that you could be thinking about going!!

I will be flying to convention er…driving!

Does the CN Tower have rides like Vegas StratosFEAR?? :roll:

What Convention?

Is there a Website Link?


Answer; no,but you knew that allready,No excuses this time I have the first round!!


Oh, that convention.

Gotcha !!!


Its about 550 miles from your place Hope to see you there Roy Cooke

I looked at the convention web site and see IBS are going to be there. I am surprised they are still allowed to be a NACHI vendor after the “Power of WOW” crap
Oh well its like the saying goes “In every bunch of roses you will always find the odd PRICK”

Hi Carl,

I think the list you are looking at is just a copy and paste from last years event. I haven’t seen or heard of the real schedule for the 2007 event.

Oh I see, will you be going Greg

I would like to go to the NACHI convention but I am so very confused. Is this the NACHI convention or is it Inspection Universe?

Didn’t NACHI have a failed convention once already north of the border?

I think I’m having a NACHI identity crisis.

NACHI has never been to Canada.

We where just in the Primary discusion when some how some thing happened .

We had two real good spark plugs and where running well on all 8 cylinders when the mud started flying and it went from WINNER to Whiner over night.

They both left NACHI one is an ASHI member and the other a OAHI member.

Unfortunately there has been some hard feeling in Eastern Ontario in some directions since.

NICK has been up a few times to try and help get a Chapter going in Ontario.
We just have not been able to get it to fall together .
Lots of great enthusiastic NACHI inspectors but Ontario is big and stretched out It is about 3+ times the size of Texas and about 1/2 the population.

We need a Will up here or some one like him .
We have lots of helpers but no to lead.

Unfortunately the existing Association has generated so much distrust in so many ways the immediate future for a Chapter does not look the best.

Roy Cooke …RHI…CMI…CHI…

John you are correct on both. Inspection Universe was canceled last year also.

John, you are incorrect.

NACHI has never had a failed convention up North of the border or any convention up North of the border for that matter. Where did you hear that?

Anyway, http://www.nachi.org/convention2007.htm will be the first NACHI Convention in Canada.

I think I’ll have a good ole Barbeque with a BYOB here in NY. I’ll invite everyone and pay for everything except your Hotel and Travel.

Educators can schedule their own classes and collect their own fees. Vendors wishing to display their wares only need to help cover the cost of the Barbeque and Entertainment.

Anyone game…