Who's going to the convention?

No nothing about Inspection Universe but NACHI has never been to Canada. Nick has a few times and I have been to all his Canadian meeting I think but for one.

Roy Cooke

We had a mini convention in Ohio last year but that went very well.

John is Your Hydro of from the Snow.
If they wish to hold it this time of year many do not know it but John Gets more snow the I do in Canada and I live about 100 miles north of him .
We do not get enough snow to keep A snow machine in my area.
Roy Cooke where I had fresh local corn for supper last night.

Please tell me that I am not going senile. I could have sworn that a convention was planned in Canada. There was a big hoopla over the whole thing.

No Roy. I would hold the BBQ in the warm months. Let me see, that would be July.

What does “Hydro of from the Snow”, mean?

Discussed but never planned.

Yes… we planned a convention in Canada and we are having it http://www.nachi.org/convention2007.htm

It has never been cancelled or even contemplated being cancelled.

Greg, you are going senile I’m afraid.

http://www.nachi.org/convention2007.htm in Canada is nothing new. It’s been announced for many months.

Sorry John I used a Canadian Word Hydro is Electricity up here as most of our electricity came from water power generators.
I was lead to believe that Buffalo and east got snow bit time and the Electricity was off and would not be back on for a couple of Days and that they had many car accidents and people killed .
Was I misinformed .
65 here today . Roy in NO snow Canada.

I plan to go. You need any help, just let me know.

Kinda liked shlepping for Chris in Florida.

Go figure.

You were informed correctly. Some areas in Buffalo received 24 to 30 inches of the pretty white stuff. We received nothing here in Elmira.

My wife and I just returned from our hunting camp near Slate Run, Pa. We had flurries there, but no accumulation.

I love winter. My favorite time of the year.

Boy its hell getting old.


But is it sure better then the alternative .
We are to long dead .
I worked for a gentleman many years ago and he said show me a person who never makes a mistake and I will show you a person who does nothing.

Roy Cooke


Are you referring to the convention in your post?

Nope…Just a good ole BBQ in July…

John What a class act .
I love it and will do my best to be their .
Need Help I will come cown early .
You are only about 100+ miles from my place .
Roy Cooke

We have a connection who is trying to get the Prime Minister to speak at the NACHI Convention.

Good,so I will see you in Toronto!!

Nick, which convention?

Gee John what country that is having a NACHI Convention
has a prime Minster.
Clue I live in it
Roy Cooke