Who's gona fill my shoes

I Really like George Jones Song (Who’s gona fill my shoes)

Well your looking at them 3 generations of roof climbers, my 14 year old grandson got his first look at home inspections today. Had him on the roof. He is just like his old Grandpaw he likes the height.


If you say so. He looks scared as heck to me…:mrgreen::slight_smile:

That boy would fight a buzz saw and give it a 5 round head start;-)

better than 1/2 here don’t know who “no-show” is
he missed me twice ;~))
a station i listen to meridian to bakersfield show just played it

They have no idea what they are missing. I listen to Utube while writing reports George and Merle I turn up loud and rock the walls. Some time its Patsy and Loretta:D:D

Looks to me like they both pissed in their pants ;-).

Plus I don’t think you are suppose to install dimensional shingles on a less than 2/12 pitched roof:p

I’ve known two guys who fought buzz saws:

Buzz saw: 2

Carpenters: 0 (unless you count the trips to the hospital)

Their names were not Bottger and they were not from Okla.

We ware Rattlesnakes for Neck ties and use cactus for toilet paper;-):wink:

Well, I think you should sit down and think about that one for a minute. :mrgreen:

sage advice that…

Remind me never to ask to use Your bathroom…

Hey Jim I just spent the morning collecting a new start of toilet paper would you like me to send you a start it will grow nearly anywhere it can save you a bunch of money as its reusable just wash it off when your done.

I appreciate the thought Partner but I think I’ll take a pass on Your generous offer…


I see a lot of Jonas in that shoe looks just like you. You would be better served just staying out of my post. You don’t have the mental capacity to win a verbal war with me;-)

I picturing a set of pliers and medical tape hanging next to the TP holder. :smiley:

Well Paul a little humor never hurt anyone. This forum could use a little more of it.:smiley: What we don’t need is Jonas jumping down newbies throats for not posting the way he thinks they should. As you can see I don’t take any crap from him and no one else should either.:wink:

Thanks Charlie great post much appreciated . Love it … Roy C

Hard to believe that you two old basturds are even still alive!

How’s that for humor you old cum-sukker?