Who's gonna wear the dress?

Mike B., you game again this year?

I think it is safe to say I have little to worry about this evening. It’s gonna take more than one lucky play this year for Tech to beat UT. Bring it on, I’m game!

Play this a few times today!

I think you may be right Mike. Tech was lucky when they beat UT’s @ss last year. Since you wore the dress last year and are a stand up guy, I wanted to give you chance to get even. So, how many points are you going to give me? :smiley:

What? So little confidence in TT? I certainly wouldn’t characterize last year as “beating UT’s @ss” but if that’s your recollection then we can just chalk that up to old age or something. I’ll give you 5.

5!? Now who’s not confident? :stuck_out_tongue: What’s the overall win record? 36 to 13 in favor of UT or something like that? You’re playing at home which I think is the largest college football venue in the state. We don’t have Crabtree or Harrel and you still have all your guys. Jeez Mike, that’s pretty wimpy. You should be more sportsmanlike …and I thought you were a standup guy :p:D

Jeez!..Ok, if you’re gonna whine about it then I’ll go 7 but that’s it! :roll::mrgreen: OK, I’m outta here for breakfast tacos.

Is this how you guys discus inspection prices too?:wink:

Holt crap Mike! The spread is 18. This is only for a dress. you could at least give me 14. :wink:


We are definitely throwing something but it ain’t a discus. :p:D

Look…Spots, Dotz, Schmotz…whatever his name is stepped in for Harrel just fine didn’t he? What?.. 6-7 TD passes last week against Rice?

Ricey smicely. Texas is ranked number two. Tech’s not even in the top 25. Hell, even Univeristy of Houston is ranked 21, I’ll be going to that game next week! Woo Hoo.:mrgreen:

This is gonna be a cakewalk for UT. You gonna give me 14 points or not you big p@ssy*? :smiley:

Unlikely to be a cakewalk but I’m feeling benevolent today…last offer: 12 points. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez, Mike…when you guys get done with this, you ‘n’ me gotta dicker a certain bridge.

;-);-)Mike’s easy to talk…up…:wink:

I will accept your 12 points Sir, only because I do not want to break this grand tradition! :mrgreen:

FYI - you will look better in the dress if you prepare by shaving your legs. :wink:

Jae…you gotta remember, the official line is 18 pts and many sports sites are predicting an even bigger spread. I had a lot of wiggle room :D.

We’ll see who’s wiggling big Mike. :smiley:

Well, who’d a thunk UT -vs- TT turning into a defensive battle? Jeez, McCoy better come alive in the 2nd half if UT is to win this one. BTW, is it just me or hasn’t there been an over-abundance of commercials?

I hadn’t noticed the commercials Mike. Too busy b!tching about the refs. I guess the trick play at the end of the half faked them out too. You got some ringers there. Can’t wait for the sh!t calls to come! That’s half the fun I guess.

I suppose…at least that wasn’t a game ending play, just the half. See why I was so stingy with the points given now? If I have to I’ll certainly take a close win and wear the avatar dress if need be. :slight_smile: