Who's inspecting home inspectors?

home inspector said the roof was fine… lol, BUYER goes to get house INSURED 'n assessor told her a very different story… they wouldn’t, couldn’t pass the roof, she had to get a new roof, OUT $11,000

another homeowner got home inspected, the inspection report showed some minor problems but didn’t catch the gas leak in basement… the 2nd inspector caught the leak and DOZENS of OTHER defects, both big and small.

Yet a handful of HI’s here wanna play games with an honest waterproofing/foundation contractor who got on here to simply try n help some homeowners… UNREAL! Bogus, fake ass crap, YEP!

How about THIS article? 3:50… home inspector says, 'I am familiar with home inspectors who were working at a grocery store on Friday, then on Monday they’re out inspecting houses.

The home inspector also said, ’ 50% of home inspectors failed HIS groups competency exam’

Some home inspectors can’t even do their job competently and yet some think they know how to do MINE!!!@@#*%(^&%^%#^&( hahahhahahhahahaaa!!! GET the HLLL outta here hahahahahaaaaa, some actually enjoy ATTACKING an HONEST exp’d contractor!!! WTF does that tell ya. duhhhhhhhhhhhh


this is just one tiny example of how HONEST and exp’d MY ass is, this is for the handful of HI’s here who ARE INDEED full of shtt on the subject of basement waterproofing, attacking me and telling me, ‘We DON’T waterproof basements’, hahahaaa UN—BE–fkkkkkkkkkg-lievable. Part of their problem is they don’t like a contractor coming on their precious lil forum and pointing out they have been wrong on some things on this topic = ass holes, HI ass holes, yep.

GO HERE bitttches lolollllll it’s on my page, otherwise sht the fkkk up on this shtt…

Very wet crawl space… more and more water coming FROM… the left/under-from the door area.

This homeowner already had 2 ASS HOLE interior basement system LIARS over who told him he supposedly needed an INT system and 1-2 sump pumps in crawl space costing over $12,000, TOTAL BOGUS BULLSHTT for self-gain $$$$$.

Long story shorter, as i/my plumber suspect on MANY of these situations ya see in video… the likely problem and SOLUTION was… there’s a stack, clean out in bathroom, just inside that door, to left that my honest PLUMBER found… it needed to be SNAKED, that’s ALL! Cost $100… versus what the TWO int system scammers said n wanted. WHO… is fucked up Mr Gratton? We’ve noticed you don’t shtt on INT system co’s, you and R Young and a few others here, hmmm, interfkkkkgesting.

I could have played along like the INT system chumps could have said the same, similar thing as they did, the CON Game… but a few of us in this business are fkkkg honest, not just honest, experienced more than YOU will ever be on this subject, cry all ya like.

I could have told this homeowner same shtt AND, told him i would do an INT system for a couple thousand LESS, which would pretty much get me that job, IF that’s what i was about, GREED!

—so to recap the homeowners actual problem and ONLY solution in video, clean out blockage, needed to be snaked by a plumber, cost $100… gee, what would Gratton n Bowers n Young etc have done, what would they have recommended? I bet not what i did which was the ONLY solution Twinkle Toes!!!

One more important thing on that video, IMAGINE IF there WAS a concrete-floor in that crawl… yeah, means a few gotta think a lil harder, so IF there was a concrete floor and all that water was accumulating UNDER the concrete floor in crawl then some of that water would have come UP onto the floor, most likely UP THROUGH GAPS around, along the PERIMETER… and sure maybe UP through floor cracks if they were present… POINT IS shttbrrrrains… can you see, imagine how water can accumulate UNDER BASEMENT floors if there was the same/similar problem??? A possible blockage/clog in a clean out line/pipe!!!

That means dumb ass that, pretty often when homeowners get water accumulating under their basement floor and then they SEE water coming UP around their entire perimeter, where the fkkg bottom of their walls MEETS the floor, it does NOT mean they need an INTERIOR basement DRAINAGE fk me system and sump pump!!!

DO YOU UNDERSTAND this, penis brains or no???

Gratton says, i don’t WATERPROOF anything… hmmmm, take a gander…

this homeowner had some cracked parging and a hole/gap where the electric line goes THROUGH the basement wall to garage…

wall already has 2 coats of parging, some of it simply cracked allowing water in, in the areas we waterproofed.

hydraulic cement goes in, over all cracks, holes etc… then a THICK roofing cement/mastic is applied over everything n then visqueen over that and as important, all the clay soil n roots n other shtty debris backfilled by the builder is dug out and hauled away and trench is backfilled with 90+ gravel = these leaky areas were… WATERPROOFED, whether a handful of home inspectors understand that or not, cuz they fkkkg don’t. Homeowner USED to leak in these areas on any decent rain, well, we have had 2 long, heavy rains in short time the work was done and homeowner gets NO water now, hmmmmmmm, gee whizz seems to me these areas of foundation walls were… waterproofed eh, DUH!

Gratton, NOT waterproofed huh? hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
homeowner was getting water in basement out chimney chute door, called my dumb azz, my supposed non-waterproofing ass, right? I ran a water test from… listening? lololll From ground level DOWN around his chimney F walls, water began coming out the chimney chute door in basement within ONE MINUTE! Automatic…that he has 1 or more cracks etc on the exterior of his chimney F-walls, understand? Prolly NOT! hahahhahha No, probably not, too much factual info for some here to process, amazing how some homeowners pop on Nachi forum and can see, figure my shtt out but some home inspectors cannot, what does that tell you Mr and Mrs homeowner!!! Yeah.

The chimney walls below GROUND level had multiple cracks and some other direct openings INTO chimney walls, THAT is where the water first entering… and then it came out inside basement through chimney chute door, had ZERO to do with that DUMB stupid NEGLIGENT shtt you hear from some home inspectors that you need better grading n that would solve your problem = bullshit, period, idiotzzz.

This homeowner would also leak out chute door on most rains, well since the work, the waterproofing of the chimney walls were done about 3 years ago… NO water has entered anywhere in his basement, IMAGINE that Gratton, and YOU say we don’t waterproof shtt!

What would Mr Gratton, Bowers, Young etc have recommended to these homeowners??? THINK!
They have already stated they would NOT have recommended waterproofing, nah, they have told you to raise n slope the grade and-or add 24. 3 mile long downspout ext’s and maybe paint the inside walls with Drylok etc lolollll… and all these homeowners would have still leaked, oh yes they fkkkg would.
SEE the difference? Yeah you may not care for my mouth or how i fkkkg write this shtt up, hahha BIG deal, awwww some are sooooooo inconvenienced!!! You want the facts n truth or you some prettied up, lipstick shtt that INT system cos and some home inspectors love?

Now get ouuta here Kiddies, school is out!!! And guess what, about 50% failed!!! hahhahahaaa

Takes time to assimilate disbelievers Mark, but eventually they will see the light. LOL

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When will someone explain the need for sump pumps on brand new houses with basements? Come on gurus! share the great wisdom :slight_smile:

Go ahead ! Give it a shot.

Hear! Hear! Marcel!

It is a conspiracy, nobody knows. I do know they pump the “water” out… and make me wonder where that water would go otherwise.

LOL! Yep!..

Thank you for taking your time and sharing. a lot of what homeowners are told is from interior basement water proofers who have been doing it for a year. Only through training and sharing do we get better at anything. If there is water coming though and an interior system is installed it is still coming through risking further damage. Landscaping and drainage only goes so far if there are cracks up top chances are there are some below grade. fixing the problem and not just channeling once it gets inside the walls.

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There should be no water to begin with. But I have seen where a sump pit was installed with no plans to use it. Just put in just in case of an unforeseen failure.


And that’s why licensing will not help the situation. Anyone who can read and write can study for the NHIE and go pass the test. They need to make it like getting a contractors license where you need to get your previous employers to sign off on your real world experience proving you have actually worked in the industry. Nothing is more infuriating than having a guy who doesn’t even own a skilsaw tell you about building construction that he only read in a book.

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home inspector in article said, " 50% of home inspectors failed his groups competency exam"… yet a few wanna CHIRP about ME? Something is fkd up here, just my LIL stinky contractors 2 bitch-cents… NOT a word about the 50%… not a word about the chump inspector who fkd up the roof problem and so on, hmmm. Maybe get your house ‘in order’ before jumping on an honest contractor who simply wants to, tries to fkkkg help some homeowners who have real problems, God knows i have jumped all over the pieces of shit in our business, can you see the fk why? Prolly not, in-bed with some of them huh, yeah.

with you Rodney, good stuff man

thank you Ward, just trying to reach a few people who have water in basements or wall bowing in, HI’s like you and some others here make it easier on my old ass to come here n try to show a variety of ways water can wind up on basement floors, TY sir.

Marcel, you know it.

tell ya what, IF home inspectors had to guarantee in writing to homeowners their supposed recommendations would SOLVE the homeowners leaky basements or bowed walls etc, they’d shut the hell up real quick, bet. See shttheads, some of us gotta back up our WORDS, not just lalk shtt, recommend shtt to unknowing homeowners. Let me please see some S E’s guarantee’s… care to share? lolol doubt it. Let me see those landscapers guarantees in writing, the ones who put in a shallow french fry drain or raise n slope the dumb ass grade n tell homeowners that was all they need… and tell us all about the cost of that crap while you are at it. Same for concrete guys who tell homeowners all they need is a better PITCH of the slabs so they bullshtt homeowners into a new driveway, can we SEE your guarantee that these basements won’t leak anymore after you pour those pretty new driveways and PLEASE oh screw me please all you REALTORS who say similar SHIT to sellers/buyers… grading or slap Drylok paint on walls or mudjack fkkg slabs, you tell MANY sellers/buyers bogus crap, you tell 'em ‘Oh that should take care of it, that should be good enough’, BULLSHTT man, realtors, put that shit in writing will ya please, let me see your guarantees, pffft, they don’t exist, same old shit, all mouth… nothing to back it up

Mark, why don’t you simply point out situations you believe home inspectors miss or don’t get right?

Thank you Mark. There is good information out there and recently this has been a hot topic. Soo many quick fixes by the we will waterproof your basement from the inside without fixing the cause. I recently had a basement waterproofed home that I inspected. Home did not have a finished basement thank god. Had a side mounted cleanout that was actively leaking onto the freshly repaired and painted floor which was ignored. Exterior gutters showed obvious signs of overflowing on the questioned side of previous infiltration. In inspecting the gutters and downspouts I discover the entire downspout line was completely plugged 6 feet up and all the way to the street. About 40 f—50 feet. I disconnected the downspout with the realtor there and cleared the downspout. Solid as a rock with leaves and roofing granules and dirt. Drain line to street could not be cleared. So they spent thousands to channel water after it went through the outside wall but never identified or corrected cause of the problem. Realtor paid for the drain to be cleared to the street. I did warn the realtor that just because they were cleared doe not mean there is no unseen damage or cracks below grade and that the waterproofing didn’t inspect for damage or cracks that down the rd. could become bigger problems. Identify, address, correct and not hide. It is always beneficial in our industry to have a working knowledge or learn from all the trades first hand when possible .Thank you again for sharing your experience and knowledge.

Ward Fairbee

IPO Properties LLC

Floor drain or floor clean out if done properly. Then you would not even need a sump pit.

Homes on a septic require sump pumps to avoid dumping water in the septic system