Who's minding the store!

[FONT=Georgia]I promise, you will be absolutely stunned by this short[/FONT]](http://dailybail.com/home/there-are-no-words-to-describe-the-following-part-ii.HTML)[FONT=Georgia]video clip! In your wildest dreams you couldn’t imagine anything like this happening in the USA .

That woman shouldn’t have a job selling shoes. A total incompetent.

Hence the dollar dropping like a stone. Gold will hit 2K with all this silly printing.

This is a clip from “Saturday Night Live” !???

I will state this again on this board:

The Federal Reserve is NOT a government branch ! It is a group of private bankers (the wealthiest in this country / world) who controls the printing of money, US dollars, under an agreement in 1912 to take over this “responsibility over from our government " and charge the US government a “prime rate” (interest) to make money from printing money! It makes NO difference what we say or do…they own “Your financial existence” . To give these tyrants more oversight into any “program” is just giving the fox more hen houses to “control”… They have TOTAL control… by financial means… not by gun! People in this country just DON’T GET IT or think they are working for US the people…NOT!:mad: If you think I am wacky about this Look up “Federal Reserve” and see what this " mystery group” is all about… Send me a PM… I have some pretty interesting 1950’s programs on who / what and WTF…:shock: is the Feds are…

Where did that “money” go…hmmmm

Also look up:

CFR…Three very interesting letters… All ties in the IMF and G20

Anybody besides me getting that " Look there’s ice on the deck of the Titanic! , " What is smoke doing in the Hindenburg?" , “General Motors is too big to fail!” , kind of sinking feeling? :shock:

George, I am right there with ya.

A huge shift in wealth from the west to the east… at our own peril…
What is truly frightening to me is…what we don’t know about and what is taking place behind closed doors… by some unknown very powerful people…

I have heard about a one world currency long time ago and it seems like it’s getting closer and closer… Total control through financial means…
Conspiracy theory or not…

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” was an interesting read.

The birth of the Federal Reserve.


What is the Federal Reserve System?

Thanks Larry!!

I hope EVERYBODY will go to these excellent links and take the time to listen and realize WE (everybody) are being misled as a whole country by the “cartel” of the Federal Reserve…

Please people… Listen to this. Doesn’t matter what side of the isle you follow. It has to do with your future and your childrens future… Mostly your childrens future…

If your skeptical or not. Whether you believe in conspiracy theories or not… If you love your country or not… If you believe we live in a free country or not… I urge everyone to listen and you will hear something quite incredible…unbelievable and happening to US ever so ominously creeping worse then the plagues of the early twenty century.

From today on Yahoo news via: By Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers Kevin G. Hall, Mcclatchy Newspapers – Tue Sep 8, 3:41 pm ET

A year after financial crisis, a new world order emerges

The statement from our Treasury Secretary:

“Our objective is to design an economic framework where we’re going to have a more balanced pattern of growth globally, less reliant on a buildup of unsustainable borrowing . . . and not just here, but around the world,” said Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner .


That statement above is another scary scary statement… A new world order… OMG!!!

Does this mean we as the United States are going to “fall in line” with a Global banking system removing the free capitalistic growth of the U.S. economy? Are we going to become a one world economy???:shock:

Our very way of life and country is changing as we speak… Total control is creeping every so closer and closer… Gold closed at 1,000.00 BUCKS!!!
The only real currency…

She should just say…

“I do have an answer to ALL your questions”

“I don’t know!, I don’t know where the money went, if anyone is paying us back, But I am told on good authority that we can still keep spending” Interview over!

Also, as a closing remark, she could have noted:

“But, we DO want people to PAY. I’m sure you’re aware that we are going to spend a lot more money… it’s for YOUR own good”

Time to break out the tin foil hats!! :shock: