Who's this guy?

And what’s he doing? :slight_smile:

some body looking into the attic access, in the ceiling of a closet?

Will Decker - fitting 10 pounds of inspector into a five pound bag. :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

Someone about to fall off of a 6 foot ladder, trying to get into a 9 foot attic access? (8 foot + truss, insulation)

Orange shirt speaks of Will Decker. Just a guess…

My guess is also Will Decker. Most likely trying to figure out how to get that large round spread into a small square hole.:wink:

In fact after looking a little closer, you can tell it’s Will cause his head and shoulders are out of sight and he is only on the second step…

Screams Will Decker. :smiley:

He’s wearing skis. Nevermind those are just his size 16’s.:stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt Mr. Decker could even fit in that room

Can’t be Decker!
He doesn’t need a ladder to look in those attics. :mrgreen:

Could be Nick?

Come on now…Do you think NICK would really be working in an attic…:twisted:

Who could have these signature sideburns?


Good One!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Over 4 feet of Will from step two to his belt buckle…:shock:

must be Will . . .

Here, he’s talking about the “Big Snow of 67.”
big_snow.jpg :slight_smile:

My friend, Will, who turned me onto Building Science.

F**k you, every so much, Rick :wink:

One, really good, marketing tool, at least in my area, is when the Realtor sees me squeezing into an 18 x 20 attic access in a REAL small hallway closet. They are amazed that I can get my 10 (+/- 5) lbs of self into that attic.

Then they are even more amazed that I actually (if possible) to walk (or crawl) the joists and not come crashing down through the ceiling.

They say, “Gee, you are the first inspector I have seen who actually walks the attic> How’d you do that?”

And, I answer (in front of the bewildered client), “I just pulled in my stomach.”

And, I REALLY have to lose some weight. About 275lbs, this morning, and I lost 5 lbs in the last 2 weeks.

Can anyone say “300 lb ladder rating”? :mrgreen:

Oh, and Paul, I wouldn’t be one to talk.

And my shoes size is on 14. (and we all know that that means, don’t we :wink: )

Laugh, all you want. Chck out the video. Ben dod an amazxing job of making me look good.

Big socks. :slight_smile:


Hard to buy socks :mrgreen: