Why amp meters

“Buy the way to add insult to near injury, I was almost killed conducting a re-inspection in this case when a defective electrical panel, identified in the HI Report was not repaired by a Licenced Electrician and exploded in my face.”
David Anderson

The only time I was asked to reinspect a repaired service panel I asked the seller if she had the paperwork from the electrician handy. I explained that it wasn’t about inspecting – it was about my safety. I wanted to see what he had done in the panel.

The lady hemmed around her haws a bit and then said that her father (not an electrician) did the repair.

I went outside with the prospective buyer and explained why I was leaving.

I will not enter a panel in need of repair knowing it may be even less safe than before. It also made a statement to the seller (and buyer) – hire an expert!

**On electric water heaters if the tank is dead cold the top element energizes first. When the water in the top portion is sufficiently heated the upper thermostat switches and routes power to the lower thermostat. That water heats up and when water reaches temp the lower thermostat opens. Until you know that the top thermostat was satisifed checking the amp draw on the lower element proves nothing.

Gary **

Gary I was born at night but not last night.:slight_smile:
I was in the house almost 4 hours the element never did activate???

We all know anyone can be a HI and the one who knows little just follows the SOP…I like the Husband/Wife teams the best:) Ohio has plenty of them;-)

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