Why Angie's List is getting a rash of bad reviews

Consumer reports on Angie’s List, Yelp etc…

Per Angie’s… Bubba reads that companies can PAY for, and then post their OWN reviews, false reviews/NOT a homeowner who had work done eh lol, propping their little az’z up, making they’re rating higher, look better…got dat?

My little experience’s wiff some went like dis,
Yelp, signed up fer free to post honest, factual reviews with photos etc and was 86’d within an hour :mrgreen:

The Better Business Bureau in Eastern Mich, bullshttt, lots of bulshtt, scam , they hate me and I hate them, got that? :mrgreen:

Angie baby? Called 'em, they quickly asked me if I was a paid-member, said no way Jose, Bubba doesn’t pay anyone, any org, any Church, any anybody!
They then quickly passed me around, and finally put my stinky az on hold and then got a recording to leave em a message :mrgreen: They didn’t want anything to do wiff the Milkman! Gee, I wonder why? Only called to give them some facts and honesty but nope, if not a paid member, no time for the Rubba-Bubba-Man!

Rubberband Man/The Spinners http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKbADFJOCkU

My company has been with angie list for 11 years and there is no way i can write my own review.We have had people write bad review and we do not know who they where and did no work for them .They made review on wrong company by mistake angie list will not take it off