Why are these nuts purple?

And what are they used for?

Approved for aluminum/copper wire “pigtail” splice for older style receptacles.

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Why are these nuts purple?

My bicycle chain broke…

Thanks Larry, good info.

Jae, I’ll bet that hurt :shock:

Why are THESE nuts purple and BLACK?

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Purple_Burn 02 copy.jpg


Where did you get the information that these are “approved” splicing methods?

They are UL Listed for connecting CU and AL, but should not be suggested (by an HI) as a permanent repair method for the older AL wiring of the 70’s.


The COPALUM crimp connector, which has been available for more than 20 years, is the only system recognized by CPSC that provides a complete and permanent repair and reduces the fire hazard in aluminum wire circuits. The COPALUM connector system attaches a copper wire to the old aluminum wires and is then crimped together with a power tool, achieving a “cold weld” between the conductors. The “cold weld” creates a permanent bond that eliminates electrical arcing or glowing connections and creates a safer electrical connection at outlets, switches, lights, circuit breakers, and panelboard terminals. The COPALUM connector repair materials and power crimping tools are only available to electricians who receive training from the manufacturer, to ensure that repairs are properly made.

CPSC #516 (PDF)

Why are they pruple?
They ran out of pink paint!

I would NEVER use those wire nuts. I have a picture of one in a house I flipped when I was upgrading everything to CU, I’ll try and find it, was burnt like the photo’s posted here.

Where did you get your information about these things being good for anything?

From the Ideal site in their own words!

Combinations listed on this page are CU/CU Wire only.
[size=4](Do not use on aluminum wire.) [/size]
For use on solid and/or stranded wire combinations unless noted otherwise.
IDEAL Twister® Al/Cu Wire Connectors** Model 65**
600 Volt Maximum

Please retract/remove/erase/delete…any “educational misinformation” immediately


I say no more.

Our guest electrician uses them.
And he then demonstrates how aluminum and copper can be improperly connected.

Ouch I bet that hurt.

Wire nuts… now in four fruity flavors.


Was gopig to send people to Dan’s site but had to run. About 15-20 years ago, he had pictures of anti-oxidant paste burning!!! Does he still have those photos up?

The purple wire nut (when used with antioxidant cream) is UL approved. NEC 2005 allows for the use of UL approved electrical parts.

The CPSC, however, has condemned this splice (which the NEC is actually silent on) as unsafe due to the numerous fires that have resulted from their use.