Hello my fellow inspectors.
I am new to the inspection business although with a extensive background in home maintenance and remodeling. I currently moved back to Missouri and the contacts I have made all boast about being ASHI certified! I am not ASHI certified and I love what NACHI brings to the table and education requirements regardless of how long ASHI has been around. My question is…Do any of you fellow inspectors think that we should be “ASHI” certified as well as NACHI? I dont see the importance, and to me its just preference.

ASHI T :stuck_out_tongue: is a waste of money!

It’s a no-brainer. If you can’t figure it out on your own, have to come here and ask a stupid question, you belong in Missouri for the rest of your life with Jimmy Braun. You’re ready for CMI.

Wow…Your really mature. I was posting a question on a respectable website and you and your ignorant *** has to remark on your IQ level. Im sure you started at one point and had questions and now you are acting like an Idiot, and your the type of person who gives any occupation a bad name. I wish I could see you in person!

Thank you! I thought so… I have an idiot who replied after you. I am from Florida as well and I am licensed Realtor for Keller Williams in Boynton Beach. Thanks for your reply.

You’re a realtor and a home inspector?? Un f u c k ing believeable!!! You probably like it up your rear too, don’t you???

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Thank you!

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Linas cannot make it in the business without belonging to a diplomill such as A$HI.

Awesome!!! As new as I am to this site, I figured he was the trouble maker who cant make a dollar in this business so he slams others.

I back you 100%…Your in my families neck of the woods. I thought this was a brotherhood but this guy or gal seems to think differently.

Give me a call if you are ever in Jefferson City.

James in states like Mo Agents control many inspectors business and demand you join ASHI because they lobby RE offices.
You can fight it but since NACHI is not branded there you are better off Joining up with ASHI as well if it hurts your income.

Thanks Bob, thats all I wanted to know. I kind of agree with you as the realtors here are ASHI dominant.

No intelligent people think it would matter or be indication of skills however perception is everything.
You can brag about joining two and having a better education.

Get Home Inspector Pro,Recall Chek,a good website and keep learning.

Your absolutely right! I worked with an inspector here in St.Louis and was ASHI certified and he blew smoke up the clients chimney instead of saying " I dont know". I currently use Home Inspector Pros software and it is great! Thanks for your support and advice…I appreciate it.


Absolutely…My father and I own a retail store on High St. Lets meet for lunch!

Here in Ontario we have ones that are InterNachi and Oahi (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors) Nothing wrong with being both but at some point you need to move up to the Biggest Best Association in the World. OAHI Inspectors know this and are flocking to InterNachi in CANADA.
I will let Roy explain why!!!