Why California home inspectors should join CalNACHI.


Their board certification flies in the face of the CMI program, and looks a lot like Mr. Rowan’s offering of MBI.

Same old SOP and COE, I notice.

If the state of California is truly that unique that its home inspectors would benefit more from a state association than state chapters of National associations…CalNACHI will succeed.

If, however, there is equal or less to be derived from a Californian who joins CalNACHI instead of NACHI…it will not be very hard to figure out, and CalNACHI will die a quick and quiet death.

So far, that SOP and COE is not a very big draw. Hopefully, there are more things coming down the pipe…

Jim nails it.

Why reinvent the wheel? InterNACHI supplies all that you need.

Gotta build a better moustrap. A COE and SOP is NOT going to attract new members. Neither will draw CREIA malcontents.

With all the InterNACHI benefits, why not simply push it instead of something new? Why a different board certification, and what will it mean for California CMIs currently practicing. $350 for what, exactly.

Those silly boys from Ca.
Don’t they know if inspectors fail to promote gromickos gimmicks, pay farcetta 90.00 every year for protection, and fail to comply with busseys daily dreamt up new rules they are sure to fail.:roll: :roll:

I don’t understand, is Calnachi not a part of Internachi? The title of this thread looks as if Nick promotes it, but his agreeing with Jim says otherwise, what gives?

Congrats to Keith Swift, Russel Ray, and Jeff Pope. Nothing but a big plus for California inspectors.

I can visualize this as a trend for other states. Texas comes to mind…

John, I do both… I promote CalNACHI as it seems like a good association, and I agree with Jim that any association (not just CalNACHI) better have benefits.

Face it, InterNACHI has spoiled inspectors with all benefits it offers… and NACHI.org is nothing short of an inspector’s amusement park with plenty of stuff to do. 15 years ago inspectors would join a trade association for no other reason than logo usage. Today, for an association to thrive, it takes about 3 member benefits per each dollar of annual dues charged IMHO. And there better be fresh stuff being released daily… www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm

I’m not saying that InterNACHI has taken trade associations to a whole new level but… well… hm… I guess I am saying that.

I don’t think Russell has had much to do with this. I asked about the quality of the CalNACHI website in another thread, Russell’s response was that he had many other projects to keep him busy. I’ve not heard a peep from Russell or Jeff about their membership, involvment, benefits and or just general information about the Org.

I guess CalNACHI thinks california inspectors will just send in more money and worry about that other stuff later.

Personally I belong to InterNACHI and only InterNACHI. I rarely get asked by anyone, anywhere what inspection assocation affilations I have. It just doesn’t seem to matter. Most real estate agents are familiar with CREIA a lesser number with ASHI and an even lesser number with NACHI/InterNACHI. Buyers don’t seem to know any of them.

I can’t imagine why an inspector will join CalNACHI over InterNACHI, CREIA, ASHI and or CMI. I know I won’t be…

Will, I just went to this site: http://www.calnachi.net/ You have me on the floor LMAO! I’ve created a monster :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: .

I must admit, I signed up for that thinking that CalNACHI was going to be the California state branch of InterNACHI. I remember several months ago that one of your staff from Colorado was moving here to California to establish an InterNACHI presence. Turns out to be an independent HI organization start up with with another 3 figure annual membership fee and another 3 figure annual CMI fee. I’m assuming I totally misunderstood what “InterNACHI is coming to California” actually meant.

BTW, if you like the look of that site, maybe you could enlist Robert Humphries services to create a beautiful, professional and engaging website for CalNACHI.

I joined Calnachi… not too much going on in the message boards, we need some more interaction. I am sure that will come in time. I agree with you Will, 100%, most realtors and clients don’t even ask what Associations we belong to, out here in California.

On occassion, I get the do you belong to CREIA or are you licensed… and I inform clients about NACHI and that there is no licensing requirement in California. As for dominating the business… I really think we NEED TO TACKLE the big boys of the web… REALTOR.COM… We need to get some NACHI INSPECTOR banners here, we market to realtors. Why don’t we Market here??? Nick, I know that we had some previous dialogue here before on this topic, but I think we should revisit this. And I know that Will and I both agree that we should have NACHI market to REALTOR.COM for some exposure.

By the way, I HATE CREIA… and I would really like to be asked, “ARE YOU A NACHI MEMBER?”

Just my thoughts,

What is it that you “hate” about CREIA?

Hi Jeff,
Hate is strong language… I really dislike the price of $800 to join their membership, I think its a rip-off, and their website and information doesn’t compare to NACHI.