Why can't I find anyone?

I have been looking to take on a new inspector. Want someone fairly young (under 30) who is a self starter and who will eventually take over the company (I am pushing 60, after all).

All I get is young guys who are clueless and refuse to learn or old farts who want it handed to them.

I had a guy who used to be a sparky, but always worked for the city (electrical inspector) or union (instructor) or for the city college system (he also is a certified history teacher), but he never makes ride alongs and keeps wanting to just get licensed (like he does not have to do anything to actually accomplish that. My opinion is that working for these groups spoils a person against being self motivated. always want things handed to them.

Anyone interested? If so, you will have to prove yourself first. Willing to train, but training takes two.

It sure does.

Why did you wait until now?

Because I am a stupid old man. Are you happy now?

Your younger than I am and do not feel anywhere near old.

Well, I’m over 30, and you’re 2000 miles away.

Otherwise I’d say let’s talk.

We wouldn’t have to wear orange shirts, would we? :slight_smile:


No Jeff your job would be to make sure no Europeans with white vans are doing the tuckpointing .:smiley:

I find the opposite: Young guys who want it handed to them and old guys who refuse to learn.

Well i am a old guy.
I did belong to a union
Work for a company for 23 years not one off sick , never late
Work any hours they asked , took all training they offered
Never been late for a inspection and i count every day as a learning experience , I am willing to learn off old and young . Perhaps Will it maybe you just have not hit the right one yet

I nope that’s it.

Damn, only in United States does this happen. Here is one of the brightest, educated, and intelligent guys in our profession. He is willing to train a person, share his knowledge (which could literally be worth millions), pay you to take this gift and then turn over a viable company.

And there are no takers. Really? Will if your getting ready to retire I got an $80,000 a year job waiting for you in SW Florida, and I am not joking…

For his knowledge not to be passed on and just wither away would be a loss to the profession. I sure as hell hope someone takes him up on his offer. If I wasn’t so tied down here, hell I would think of moving up there!

Young men willing to move and has a few bucks in the bank…RUN to Chicago and take Will up on his offer. This can be a game changer in your life and what he is willing to give free of charge is worth ALOT of money…

As a businessman always looking for new employees, the employee industry has changed. You don’t find people who want to make money. They want to make a living and just get by. Very few want to be wealthy, they want to be…well content.

My people want days off, get off early and time to do nothing. I don’t understand it, but then again I am not from that generation.

Here is what I have determined and realized. Here is some tips to learn when hiring new people.

  1. ASSUME nothing. I mean that literally. Tell them and show them what to do. I just assumed adults would know how to set up a ladder in an intelligent manner. They don’t! They set it up, way too steep, or way too shallow To me, that is just common sense, which leads me to #2

  2. Common sense should be renamed Notsocommon sense. Because it is not out there anymore.

  3. Write down and I mean WRITE down everything you expect from them and their duties. Be very specific, and very clear and give them that sheet and make them sign another copy for your records. Many times we lack in giving direction, and they walk aimlessly without knowing what to do.

  4. WRITE DOWN exactly what they need to do for a raise or advancement. Give them specific goals to shoot for and then TEST them on their knowledge. Don’t just say, Take the NACHI electrical course, once they take it, then open an electrical panel and have them explain it to you. This teaches them application as to what they just saw or read.

  5. Have a uniform. Once again, here comes the common sense thingy…they show up in Bright green shirts and flip flops…NEVER ASSUME…Hell, I even buy them their uniform this way I can be assured it is the look I want.

  6. Reward in public, and discipline in Private.

  7. Lets mistakes be learning lessons…just as long as it is not going to hurt anyone.

  8. Give them something to shoot for. In small business’s this is a big problem. When you hire someone, where can they go from there? Let them know there is a place for advancement and pay increases. Working a dead end job doesn’t leave much for the enthusiasm on the part of the employee.

  9. Work ethic…don’t expect people to work like you do. You own the company and are driven and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Many do not and many do not want the headaches of business ownership and embrace that. Where would we be if everyone was the boss? The world needs workers.

  10. Check often. I go about 2-3 weeks and then look at my attic guy and ask him :so what did you find" and he tells me the items. I then say…great, lets go up there together and see…man that creates a pucker factor and it lets the employee know some things. #1 Your willing to do what he does. #2 He better be on his game because he can be checked at any time. I ask them, are you willing to bet your paycheck on what you find or is there more problems up there? At first they will not be…but you ahve to let them know…YOUR BETTING his paycheck that he did his job or it could cost you $1,000’s if he did it wrong. So if I am liable for some serious money, why shouldn’t he be? Just gets them thinking, is all.

  11. Believe it or not people think they get paid a paycheck or salary…that is the mentality today. I tell them you get PAID nothing…YOU EARN a paycheck. I swear a light bulb goes off in their head. You are not a philanthropist employer and let them know that.

  12. Let them know that in the beginning they COST you money…they don’t MAKE you money. They slow you down big time and make dumb mistakes…let them know this isn’t a 2 day training and your all good. If they want that, them McDonalds needs a Burger Flipper… Training is not a day, a week, a month…its literally a lifetime our profession and its material, installation, methods are always changing and they need to be willing to adapt and change.

  13. REPITITION REPITITION, REPITITION…let me take the water heater. No matter when in my company does the water heater, these are the step. Photo from away to show the location (try to get TRP in pic). Photo of the date plate. Photo of the temp of the water coming out. Pic of the drain pan…This way I know what was checked and can prove it…this is just ONE of the items of many, but if it is done ONE way over and over…it becomes a habit and good habits are very very good…

Just some of the stuff I have learned…May or may not be worth $.02…

Great post. Too often, we can be good inspectors, but are lousy business owners. And the two are very different skills.


There are exceptions to every rule :slight_smile:

Agree, but they are very rare and cannot be counted on. That is why they are exceptions.

Great post Russell

very nice Russell

im often 5 minutes late. Im out!

Excellent post Russell. You missed your calling… “Life Coach”…lol