Why cover plates are required

Why outlets require cover plates. Poor Minnie is now a widow! <img>

Hang in there Minnie, I’ll cut off the power!!!:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You really would think that an owner might check for things like that before the home inspector shows up.


It’s one way to get rid of rats


Thats a good shot!!! Was this picture taken on one of your inspections?

Yes today, were I saw yet another double tapped door bell transformer. See my post under the Canadian section.

The home was vacant. The mouse was fresh as rigormortise had not set in! He/she climbed up the cord… hickory, dickory, dock, the mouse ran up the…


As far as the double taps for door bell transformer,I’m by no means an expert but I have seen quite a few and I never thought that they were a big issue.Our own Ontario Electrical Safety Code 23rd edition is not very clear about this rule 16-200 class 2 circuits]the more I read the more confusing it gets!

Well like today… a door bell double tapped into 15 amp breaker (STab lock) with 14ga circuit. I pulled the door bell wire and out it came very easily from under the terminal! Not acceptable. I even tried to put it back under the terminal and tighten the screw. The wire was still easily pulled out.

Redneck mouse trap

I can’t believe y’all would make fun of a poor creature’s death. Don’t you realize that all creatures are God’s creatures, that God has a purpose for all his creatures?

(All that sun at all those beaches the past few days must have fried my brain!) :margarit:

That is true Russel, and apparently God’s plan for this little creature was to be an example of why coverplates are necessary.:wink:

If you live in a house and use your Electrical Plugs as Rat Traps…You Might Be A RedNeck…

Well Russell…GOD also has MANY Views/Guidance/Beliefs on many topics and things…but life happens…

If any of you need use for such a photo, I release copyright rights. So feel free to use it for educational needs, etc.


Thanks Ray,I might take you up on this.I thought it was funny,and I’m a Christian!!

Watching daybreak from the cliffs at Malibu and the Pepperdine University library is pretty awesome. Later today, I’m off to the Santa Monica and Venice beaches. Ms Margarita wants to see all the muscle studs at Venice Beach.

True. God works in mysterious ways, like using Katrina to show us why Bushes aren’t necessary. :wink:

I assume you pointed out this is really a rat problem more than a missing plate problem. The missing plate is a buck, the rats may be thousands of dollars worth of damage. That is when you have to get your flashlight and go attic exploring, yucky as that might be. This is a roof rat, they live in the attic and they can live quietly up there for years before the homeowner sees one.

You mean Rattus rattus?

How’s it going, Greg?

Actually its a common field mouse. However they will get into insulation and burrow holes through it.

So it’s not Rattus rattus?

That’s it. The beaches are calling. I’m outta here. See y’all tonight after the sun goes down.