Why did OAHI lose 1/4th of its members so quickly?

Last year they had 411, this year they only have 295 members.

Anyone know why they have so few members?

Thats easy Nick

They lost 44% of their members.

They don’t answer to the members.

They don’t provide timely financial reports if at all.

They openly and wantonly practice discrimination.

They do not tender contracts

They do not advertise.

They have a chosen few who teach the so called coveted teaching positions within their association while excluding others.

They are in breach of PR 158 and their bylaws.

They fix votes and abuse the proxy voting system.

Terry Carson has a key to the filing cabinet in which all members records are kept, so much for privacy rights.

The DPPC is ineffective and has a Director as its chair. Thats a no-no. The board must operate at arms length from the discipline committee.

They openly conspired with CAHPI National to do the Nat. Cert. program in.

They have a President who has quite a history of being a bully and will intimidate people by throwing books or attempting to assault them.

They have a COO who is out of touch with reality. His last gaff on Breakfast Television wherein he was quoted unequivocally as stating OAHI is licenced to qualify home inspectors! NOT.

And best of all the members of OAHI continually and openly praise OAHI even though the rot is extensive.

They have an Ombudsman in name only.

A Registrar who holds the membership in contempt.

And those are some of the reasons for the significant membership drop.

Thanks for asking.

Could it be because this kind of infighting never seems to stop and the members realize that those in control are tearing the association apart?

Sent to me by a member who sees and despairs of what is happening at the hands of ‘industry leaders’ :

**3/9/2011 7:15:38 PM **
Accfreditation News Announcement From CAHPI](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=474)
Kirk Iredale

Do you guys really think that by saying the same thing over and over again that the past is going to change? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?
I believe most of your accusations have already been dealt with in previous threads but for the benefit of others I will repeat some highlights.

1) The NCP is public domain which is why it is being used by NHICC, (not to mention taking advantage of all the branding CAHPI created. NHICC could never afford to create or promote such a program on their own).
2) The structure of the NCP, (the NCA) is owned by CAHPI.
3) The OAHI members agreed to be part of a national organization and agreed to pay dues to national, (I don’t know why anybody would be confused because that has not changed).
4) CAHPI did what they thought was best for their members and they did it very poorly, (as I said before we are not going to change the past.)
5)While the NHICC tries to copy Nick’s marketing magic, they, like Nick still have to deliver the goods!
And If they can deliver the NCP like they say, that would be a good thing for everybody but that is a really really big “IF”.

So if NHICC is for real why don’t they put out a press release to tell the world their progress so far on their accreditation?

You see we all know CAHPI blew it and that they are trying to fix it but we don’t see anything that makes NHICC any better or equal! You can only blow smoke for so long before you start to annoy people.

Kirk Iredale, RHI