Why do decks collapse? Pretty good short video

Some good pointers for a short video
Just enough to let you know you need to study the subject in-depth.

When a deck collapses, the first thing asked is who inspected it last.



Yes, that was fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

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Great video, Larry!


Nice post-Mr Keeble, :+1:

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Nice video!

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Great video!

Very Nice.

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Really nice video! Could you just run those joists under the bay window?

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And attach it to the block?

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Yes. All you have to use are concrete lags straight into the mortar joint and NOT the web.

Yes, done properly and it would work. However that would make a step or steps at the doors, to the deck, depending on the floor joists height.

If you attached the deck ledger below the bay window the rise would be more then 7 1/2 inches

I would build up the deck to the proper 7.25" height. There are always ways to do things properly.

Unless you use through bolts the ledger will become detached just like in the video.

Larry, did you know your website has expired?

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I just clicked on it and it went straight to it.

Wow that’s my old web address.

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An error in the video, and some clarifications…ahem…
First, ledger attachments, whether approved screws or lags, must protrude completely through the floor band. The video illustration does not show this important requirement.

The obvious reason is if you can see the lag or bolt on the other side, you know that it is fully attached to the rim joist or band. The below illustration taken from the IRC shows the lags protruding.

Also, at 3:51, the photo shows joist hangers with an angled side bracket. These cannot be a “regular” joist hanger that has been bent to fit. Bending them voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Bending them to fit is common.

And finally, where the video shows a notched column to accommodate the beam, he fails to clarify that a notched column cannot be less than 4X6 or 5 1/2" wide and the notch, obviously on the wide side. A notched 4X4 is not allowed and done all the time.

I rarely see a deck properly built. A few years ago, I had a contractor call me to ask why I had said in a report that the deck cannot be attached over the siding. He said he had been building decks for ten years and never had a problem or complaint. I said, “You have not been pulling permits for any of those decks, have you?”
Dead silence.

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