Why do they care?

Maybe you misunderstand the message?

" …hear from the experts at Premier Inspections on things you can look for before putting that contract in and what it might mean for your buyer."

That’s what it looks like, a “marketing/agent meeting” put on by a vendor (inspector ) and sponsored by another vendor (mortgage broker/lender).

Maybe I’m missing something here. What’s the problem with this?

As an inspector, I’m not really interested in being called out to a house where something the agent could have caught, would get the buyer to walk away. Not sure how this is different than an agent asking you if you saw something during the inspection?

The agents who use me routinely ask me if I saw something they noticed as well. I like that, I’m not particularly interested in working for agents who don’t want me to do everything I can to protect their clients. I also do my best to educate the agents I work with so they will know more about what’s important.

Just looks like marketing directed at the agents, and not at the buyer.