Why do they do this

Nice Job


To cut corners. Literally!!

How about this one right under a spa tub. Two joists cut right next to each other.

Brand new construction.


Plumbers and HVAC tech’s should be mandated to carry a license to utilize a saw-zall.

Don’t forget the “handy” folk who install garage door openers!

Good news…garage door will open and close nicely…
Bad news…garage roof will only close…and not re-open.

Here is another garage door install with a second story above.

01 (63).jpg

Do folks actually … you know … buy … these houses after you point out these defects?

Nice job with the sawzall though.:sarcasm:


You guys are picky.

Here’s the solution that I found. Using my customized drive-by and fly-by inspections, I never see the inside of the garage, so I can simply report, “Garage interior not accessible from [car/plane/helicopter] due to high rate of speed. Recommend further evaluation before close of escrow by competent home inspector who has more time than I do, one who is not on his way to the beach.” :mrgreen:

Don’t blame the plumbers or the HVAC tech blame the architect.

regards Bill

Give me a break, Bill. Do you really think the architect caused the plumber to sawzall my joists?



"Garage interior not accessible from [car/plane/helicopter]…

Don’t you use a canoe for the ocean-side houses??

Sure do Erby when they don’t allow for plumbing and HVAC chases in homes.
Regards Bill

We used to.
But we quit doing oceanside homes because we got wet.
Same reason we quit inspecting irrigation systems.
Same reason I leave out in East County where it rarely rains.
Don’t like to get wet, especially with clothes on. :smiley: