Why do we need associations?

It appears that the people who helped grow this industry over the last few decades are going to get screwed by the associations if the current rules pass. Given the latest updates for licensing in Florida I really have to question if we need associations anymore.

I myself am happy we have them available. I wanted to be a better home inspector so I joined this association to learn more. It is good to have people who are doing the same type of work available to ask questions of and to answers questions for. It is good to be able to get a second opinion on things that come up. I did not join the association to do my political bidding for me but I sure see how that can be beneficial to those who agree with what the association as a whole believes. I do not fall in that category but I still find it quite beneficial to be a member.

Legislation: Without an association, there would be no way we could resist the fake GC-controlled inspector associations (FABI and the mini-minneapolis associaiton) from giving our entire profession over to the GCs in Florida. There is strength in numbers.

Education: Without InterNACHI, courses would still cost $1,500 (like they used to pre-InterNACHI). Today courses are free, or nearly free, advanced, online, approved and accredited: www.nachi.org/education.htm

Business Success and Marketing: Pre-InterNACHI, inspector success amounted to not much more than passing out a brochure and a business card. Times sure have changed: www.nachi.org/success.htm

Vendor Deals: Without InterNACHI, it would be difficult for a single inspector to strong-arm 400 vendors into giving him/her discounts on everything. Again, strength in numbers: www.InspectorMall.com

Large Projects: Without InterNACHI, large projects in our profession would never get off the ground. Free programs like www.MoveInCertified.com, www.OverSeeIt.com, www.IAC2.org, www.nachi.org/gallery/ , www.nachi.org/comsop.htm, www.nachi.org/articles.htm, www.InspectorPages.com, and www.NACHI.TV would never exist.

Member Benefits: Pre-InterNACHI, like dummies, we used to pay $300/year for nothing more than “logo usage.” Although there are still a few dummies around, InterNACHI has taken membership benefits to a whole new level: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm

Nick, It is actually, $389

All Associations are not equal and most everyone knows it.
I belong to NACHI because it provides a wealth of useful information for me; it’s a great asssoc. We do not do home inspections. I prefer my ACAC certification for my profession, IAQ. The value of any association is what you as an inspector get from it.
We all need associations to better our businesses, workshops, seminars and such are just not enough.

NACHI is the only association I feel that you get something I return for your membership.

InterNachi has been the best $289 I ever spent. I would like to start an active chapter on the East Coast of Florida, if anyone is interested.

Why Belong to Your Industry Trade Association?

One of the most frequently asked questions with regard to Home Inspection membership is: “What can the Association do for me?” The answer, quite frankly, depends on you.

Why did you join Inachi and what do you want to gain? What you get out of any association, including Inachi or any other, is directly proportional to what you put in.
The greatest benefit of any association is the networking and camaraderie that takes place between members.
Time and time again, Inachi has been privileged to hear that other associations respect the solidarity of our industry and Inachi members.

It is no secret that Inachi members have an enormous sense of pride in their association and their fellow members. But this benefit is not a given. To experience this camaraderie first hand you must participate by giving an investment of time and effort in Inachi activities.

Business consultants say 85 percent of all business failures occur in firms that are not members of their industry trade association.

There are many benefits that accrue simply from belonging - low cost education, free learning videos, and a ton of educational benefits.
The reason is simple, and it involves the same principles that apply to your business. A businessperson invests money, time and energy to make the business successful. The same holds true for association membership, which will reflect on your business’ long-term success.

The problems facing our industry today affect every member, no matter how large or small. And, since no one individual could possibly begin to solve these problems alone, it remains that each person needs his or her industry trade association for the collective wisdom, bargaining power and networking opportunities that help create a sustainable and successful business.

Inachi members vary tremendously in their level of activity and what they seek from the association. Yet they all find value in Inachi membership and find that their businesses are more successful as a result of being part of this Association.

Business consultants say 85% of all business failures occur in firms who are not members of their industry trade association. That combined with the fact that most members have a 100% or more return on membership dues, are two ways to justify the dues you pay as a member of Inachi.

The best reason to be part of Inachi is that your participation ensures a safer, stronger industry for future generations. For that commitment, I applaud Inachi.:):smiley:

Well said Marcel

In states that do not require licensing its a must in my opinion. I would drop a few associations if we were required to be licensed in CA.

This is where I think our associations tend to fall short. With all of the rancor and jockeying for advantage over one another I think they sometimes forget to look out for what is in the best interest of the members and sometimes act in a manner that is contrary to the best interest of the individual inspectors.

That said, I still think that there are many benefits that make membership, at least in NACHI, more than worthwhile.