Why do you want to be an Inspector?

I would like to start a little discussion on why people want to be an inspector.

I will start off with myself.

I’ve been purchasing properties for most of my adult life and after using certified inspectors their reports tend to show me the same faults I encountered myself on my walk through. This showed me that I may have the same capabilities as a certified home inspector.

I’ve made mistakes in the past where I had excluded the inspection clause in my contracts. Sometimes you want a little edge to close the deal. These properties, to me, looked viable because I did not see any major flaws. At least not when I wrote the contract. I would soon after bring contractors to place bids. This is where I recognized my own flaws. I did not know everything there is to know about inspecting a home. I also realize that many of you when you started also did not know all of the ropes. Sometimes we like to jump in head first.

My point is at my age I am at a crossroads. I would like to retire but I still want to work and keep my mind sharp. I also know to be a reputable inspector I need to further my education before I start and continue that education ever after. I hope that others will do the same.

Inspecting to me is like a puzzle to solve. Now if only I can be paid to solve puzzles.

What made you want to be an inspector?

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Hello, Dave. Hope this post finds you well.

Like yourself, I was looking at my impending crossroads.

It took me 3 years and 3 home inspection courses before I certified.
I invested heavily to start up my business.
Although I am established now, I look forward to growing my business.

Dave, be prepared is all I can say.

Best regards.
Robert Young

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I really wanted to become an inspector so I could make sure all water heater drain pans were properly installed where they should be. No pan en the right place will be called out…as will others… :smirk:

You do know Roy was the one saying they were needed.? I also know Roy likes to fuck with people.

I pose questions or answers in a form to call out all the bull. Gotta know who to trust. You might not like the manner I do it but like my grandpa always said "You can’t bullshit a bullshitter, and I’m the biggest bullshitter of them all.
Mr R

And yes it was the way Roy replied. He stated his answer with specific conditions. I argued the point without those conditions. Hence he wanted to test my knowledge. The more one argues the more illogical the argument becomes when there was not an argument posed. Just a statement.

Hook, line and sinker.

Troll Fishing…

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Lol :laughing:
You need to know the difference between trolling and gathering information how an online message board community operates.
Don’t have time to lurk so a hostile imposter is used to fish for information.
I have deduced who is knowledgeable and who doesn’t know anything but tries (@srechkin) hell it took him 3 hours to answer is this double trapped. :laughing: Along with a bunch of information that wasn’t even asked.
He’s a keeper.
Keep on keeping on

I know more than you think. So I’ll leave at that and won’t see you on the flip side.

Hey boss I didn’t say you didn’t know anything. I guess the jig is up. I’m done here anyway. My name is actually Andy Denial. Get it " In Denial "

So I could make the big bucks working part time. So far that has worked out great.


And in closing the purpose of Dave was to inquire about the moderation of the board.

Self moderation. Moderated by the community.

Yet you discount each other.

A newcomer has nothing to validate the expertise of the forum regulars but their signature.

A newcomer poses a question or finding and they are told they do not know anything.

They are told they never built a house.

Of course the newbie has not the experience as a veteran. That is the reason they would ask a question to begin with.

To belittle me without knowing my background or the requirements of my profession is another fault that raises a red flag for me.

My profession requires me to examine every system for flaws. It also requires me to determine the cause and the repair. Then execute the repair.

This is above and beyond predictive preventative maintenance.

I know what I know. I am held in high regard with my peers. Even though we will disagree. The disagreement usually falls on the quality of the work being performed. I expect near perfection. I expect maintenance be performed in a manner to meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications and performance.

The boards have given me the insight to not pursue home inspection rather focus on what I do know and that is commercial maintenance and inspection. I am glad the staff member who disseminates information on commercial inspections has a better demeanor than the home inspector group I have met here.

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