Why does a 10 year old GFI trip, but 30 yo not for same device?

Hi I am testing an older VGA projector. At my friends 10 year old house the projector tripped the GFI receptacle. At my 30 year old house the projector did not trip the GFI I have. Assuming the receptacles are the original to each house, is his receptacle faulty or did later model GFI’s have different trip specs? His GFI’s power other devices ok. Thanks for replying

If the device in your house is 30 years old I would guess that the 30 year old device is the problem.

Current draw.

Imbalance of current, not current loading trip gfi’s

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick response. I was looking at a Code Revision pdf of GFI from the 1970’s to now. I could not find if the newer one’s are more sensitive than older one’s. So it’s the imbalance of the wires that trips it, that’s good to know. Thanks again.