Why does Canada have so many inspection trade associations?

It seems like every few months another “council” or “association” or “authority” or “certification program” pops up with grandiose plans to unify everyone.

It is my observation that all of these new groups are from Ontario. Of course being a resident of the “wild wild west” I do not have time to be starting new clubs. We are too busy getting the job done.

If i recall,
there was one Canadian Association
operating out of a Vacant Apartment with the 7-11 store across the street as the mail drop…
Reported to postal authorities back then…
I think i still have the photos in archive…

Now that would not surprise me in the least , Thanks Joe.

i uploaded the images…

only accepted Canadian Dues in USA Dollars

They pop up like daisies in Canada… and they all offer few benefits, charge big money, and overuse the word “recognized.” LOL!

TOUCHI - Tired, Old and Unsociable Canadian Home Inspectors
HIFFLE - Home Inspectors Fighting the ****ing Licensing Enthusiasts
SWISHI - Society of Wannabe Inspectors Simulating Home Inspections

These names are left.

I happen to live within 3 blocks of the this place and the 7-11 had the franchise for Canada Post. I did all my mail outs and rented a PO box for a while at this post office. Since the outfit was very close by, I monitored it while they were in business. So far as I could tell it was an inspection company like myself and 200 to 300 other inspection companies in the province. If you have concrete evidence that this was an association for inspectors I would very much like to see it. The evidence that is!

I just did a search for altaspec (the correct spelling of the name on the sign) and this came up http://www.nachi.org/altaspec.htm
Nick care to enlighten us???

Oh bye the way; What is the Moe Madsen copyrite doing under the photo. Moe is one of the good old boys with cahpi. He was doing HI’s before any associations ever came into being.



About us…

We are the founders of the National Foundation of Certified Inspectors that started in 2004.

Willam Harrison, the President has spent 30 + years in the construction industry, doing painting and renovation

Never heard of them.

NRCORPRNCHDISRA.org is still open.

Stands for the National Recognized Council of Registered, Peer-Reviewed, Recognized, National Certificate Holders, Did I Say Recognized, Authority.

Washed up has-beens struggling to keep integrity out of the inspection business?

Moe Madsen was one of ASHI’s National BoD members 10-14 years ago and on several ASHI National Committees.

Thanks Dan
I used to talk to moe regularly have not for about 7 years .
Great guy looks like he might not be active any more .

Moe Madson’s web site is slightly out of date
December 23, 1998 last modified November, 2000

Moe is not listed at CAHPI

Moe is listed as one of the founding members

I fail to see what Moe Madson has to do with any of this ,I was the first Canadian to serve on the ASHI board and Moe was elected a year or two later
What is the relevance? and who cares?
This fact has nothing to do with were we are today

I think you are wrong Moe was one who helped me get to where I am today.

Harry I could care less about what you think this is our Home and one of My Friends ( Dan ) mentioned Moe .
So I who like Moe decided to see if I could get a bit of Info .
Why do think we should consider what you a NON NACHI member feels.
Sorry Harry but as a guest in our home we welcome you but for you to come try and sell your snake oil it is wrong.

Did their board have a couple fellas named Larry and Curly too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey nick! That was supposed to be my line! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Like I said he’s one of the GOOD OLD BOYS.
I think he’s retired.