Why does my home forum page always read

…Unread (1) ?

but when I click on it there is nothing there?

Anyone else have that happening?


Try clicking “Dismiss…” and check the ignore box when that’s the only one listed.

Don’t feel bad Larry, when I reply to someone’s post, it doesn’t show half the time who I am replying too. :smiley:
Like this one.

Seems fine

There are 2 reply locations.

One immediately below the post.
The other is a big blue button.

This is the reply under the post. And it won’t show your picture I bet like it does others.

Well it did that time.
It didn’t work with Larry’s post.

Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I just clicked reply directly below your previous post Marcel, and as you can see your name or picture is not anywhere on this post.

Thanks Chris for confirming it is not only on my end.

It’s not. I’m glad you brought it up because I’ve noticed that lately also.

I’ll try that, Chuck. Thanks.

Hey Larry,

Didn’t you take the 8 hour course on how to use this new and intuitive forum based on Discourse? :wink:

I’ve run into plenty of problems on this forum already. It is based on junk SW but is becoming more used as more people buy into the hype about it.

Nah, it wouldn’t let me go past 5…:joy: