Why does this floor sag?

My client was wondering why the floor in this house was sagging.

HVAC guys must have thought that block foundation wall wasn’t supporting much anyway.

Herrell 067.jpg

Herrell 058.jpg

Herrell 070.jpg

Looks like the girder is “laying down on the job”! :wink:

Nice one David.

How are things in Woodlawn?

Small house market 1%.

Huge ones selling more than ever!

Taking any CEU’s in May in Nashville?

I am going to Lexington on Sunday for Auburn’s Radon Class and that will take care of all my CEU’s. I thing I remember you saying you attended there class. How was it?

I would still love to go to the HVAC and plumbing course in Nashville, but I don’t know if my budget will allow. I wish East TN had a stronger chapter that would bring some CEU’s here.

I have a lot of friends I attended the Radon courses out that way with. I tool my measurement course in Sevierville, TN, Mitigation in Murfreesboro, TN. We mitigated a house in Pigeon Forge.

I took the course many years ago (11 ?). I had a great time.
Jan was in charge then, as she is now.

I spent all my time and $$ on IR this year. The State will give nothing for the two weeks spent (even if itc applies for CEU). I can get 16 hrs from the NACHI course which was derived from the courses I took. I guess I could write a course, submit it and give it to myself! :slight_smile:

So I’m taking HVAC (of all things) and Plumbing to knock it out.

I recommend both the Testing & Mitigation courses so you know what you are looking at when your inspecting. I have found several that raised the level in the house because of improper design. One was a 53pCi/L test result!